The Day After, Leaving the European Union.

And so, the day after, means the clock went forward (in the UK), to fuck all.

For quite sometime, I did actually post erm, posts that pretty much had abit of a laugh. Obviously I’ve started again but mainly not as a laugh. I feel sure the English to Grammar fuckwit police will be out in force, mainly called ‘Remoaners’ of ‘Remain’

So, I’ve viewed both marches, you know, the peoples vote thing and the Leave means Leave stage, plus the UKIP and Tommy Robinson stage.

What I found pretty odd. When the peoples vote march thing happened, it was very easy to view on-line. When the leave means leave and UKIP TM were broadcasting, hey, guess what, they kept getting shut down. Fuck off {per John Sweeney) stating that’s the working classes way of saying go away.

I get lost even more. The main leave voters are from the working class, the working class have very little disposable income. We can not afford to get to huge erm, as the MSM stated ‘demonstrations’ in London, (Jon Snow, he did say so much shit), arrggghhhh, hmmm. It is continually mentioned the peoples march thing, that it had over 1m folks. From the experts to the met police, they have stated it was no more than 200k. That twat Donald Tusk needs to shut the fuck up, oh, his very nice salary comes from the E.U.

Nice one.

Annoyed, you bet…

So, ‘us’ leavers can get to the voting box thing and my word, it will happen – again, the traitorous fuckwits within that stupid house of commons, you fuckers will be out, you really do not know how ‘we’ feel about your comfortable bubble.

‘We’ hope the leave classes vote out the traitors, those lining pockets for themselves, I guarantee they will be going mental on expenses before being voted out.

Oh, demonstrations, the leave folks cleaned up, the remain fuckers left a mess, especially on war memorials.

All facts.




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