I couldn’t find this at the local, it’s here…

It’s like, someone started a ‘chat’ about the European ‘Union’ Elections. I tried explaining that, for the first time I voted in the UK local elections (destroying my vote, counted still, whatever that’s called).

The For Britain party did very well in the local elections (I joined months ago), anyways. I tried explaining in my order of voting to the EU elections are: For Britain, then UKIP and then the Brexit party. All are ‘leave’

So, I tried explaining the For Britain Party will not be standing for every EU seat in the UK (I stand to be corrected)- but have a manifesto. I tried explaining that UKIP are – with a manifesto, standing for all areas (I stand to be corrected). I tried explaining that the Brexit party do not have membership but subscribers, standing in areas but with a very limited manifesto (I stand to be corrected). All are leave the European Union parties.

Sorry, it’s all facts and I really shouldn’t get involved. If I thought I were wrong then I would hold my hands up, I can only chat facts. though enjoy being corrected!

Fucking annoying really, oh to be a fibber.


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