Operation Valkyrie, in Britain

This time Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is played (in real life) by Tommy Robinson (real name Ste… ffs). This could be a huge blog but what is the point?

On Friday 5th July a massive injustice happened in the United Kingdom. Millions of us Brits knew this was going to happen but so hoped not. Tommy Robinson found guilty to contempt of court, however, that trial had completed with local press publishing names. The guilty paedophiles were turning up with prison bags for sentencing, nothing changed. The filming he rightly did outside Leeds crown court, of the sentencing for those child abusers, broke no laws. That is fact.

Anyway, Operation Valkyrie in Britain, has it already started eh!

As many folks as possible should now research and film as many paedophiles as possible entering court with their prison bag for sentencing, then ask ‘How do you feel about your verdict today’ that is all Tommy Robinson said to them.

You know, the government’s ordered upto 800 armoured street patrol vehicles. They know what is happening and arriving…

Oh, just to clarify the same day rooms at the Old Bailey, unbelievable isn’t it.


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