A Little Fun But…

You know, during these mental times in this village named Earth, you try a little bit of fun and FazeBukkake take it down as breaking rules, breaking rules for fuck sake, here it is.

New scales arrived, not sure on the accuracy of them but by the end of the year I should be under 80kg?

Ah ha, I re-calibrated them, also my jumper weighs a ton, the light does cause some viewing differences.

Main thing is, you can tell it is not myself by the size of my feet. If you have small hands then apply proof with your C.V. at the bottom of this post.

Anyways, soshall madia is slowly killing a bit of fun, the extreme leftisms are removing ‘it’ out of life. Dave Allen was one of the best, these days he would be banned, I most certainly am with Rowan Atkinson and Ricky Gervais on this issue.

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