Dear Linda.

For some reason you have been on my mind, not a little but a lot. Lets see, in the mid 1980’s I walked into the Alma, I viewed you sat with erm, Janet and Peter? I ordered my drink and started chats with Dave. I had known Dave a long long time, my first memory of him, when he went on holiday to ‘Brid’ with us – my family, as he were a best friend of my much older brother Martin.

I had been to the Alma many times, never seen you though. Dressed in black with a hat, did you have a hat on? I think you did, I can’t remember, your eye liner was astonishing, as were your smile. I were asking Dave about you, I were smitten.


So, over the months of getting to know you I loved (anyone reading this, it wasn’t sexual). One night I remember you coming up to Windhill Cricket Club, to see me? I don’t know, but I were leaving, we had the most fantastic hug, I can feel it now but did we kiss? I remember watching you as I left. For various reasons I didn’t meet up with you after that, yet for some strange reason, you are all over my mind as I type this.

Hope you really are Okay, with much love to you.


Isn’t it all nuts…

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