Mid 2002, About.

It is now obvious I’m going to finally write about some of the stuff that happened around 2002. It’s probably best I keep some of the ‘events’ short as I’ve decided not yet to write any of the sordid bizarre shit.

Yes, one night mid 2002 I arrived home late from work, opened the outer door to the kitchen then the inner door. Straight away I noticed a shirt tie folded neat on the far kitchen work top, it starts going very blurred then as my then wife tried pushing me back out.

Through this blur the first thing I thought, my son’s are up stairs in bed, I got into the living room, how odd, there were this other ‘person’ cunt sat there. I had steel toe capped shoes on, it’s all blurred though.

I actually left and drove to a friend’s.

It really is a feeling of folks saying head ripped off and heart torn out, I had strong legs, my steel toe capped shoes would have ripped his nose off.

It’s all such a blur, never do this shit to folks, it’s awful.

By The Way, I were far from perfect, I realised that and tried bettering myself for the family even though she was/is a teacher.

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