Tommy Robinson – Clearing up an Opinion.

Aka – Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon…

Right, that’s the name sorted! You see, because of my opinion’s on so many front’s it has recently been mentioned I’m possibly into fascism. Well, I follow all sorts of folks and their opinions. One thing I find very amusing, when challenged some folks do not realise fascism was originally a Leftism ideology concern.

Where were we? Ah yes, fascism. Fascism is making a slow return to the left, the Owen Jones type’s, they are targeting those who mainly do not understand it, it is harming my beloved Labour party, but that’s still another damming story.

Tommy Robinson was reporting outside Leeds Crown court on the verdicts to a grooming gang of paedophiles (the trial had finished), oh and this link is amazingly from the BBC here…

Go on, have a watch of the following video, I watched it then, through curiosity, go on…

Eh up, maybe you did watch the clip, well, a lengthy clip! Now then, obviously and at he end of the video, he got arrested. it’s now known within a few hours he was in prison to 13 months – why can they not do this with paedophiles?

If you have got this far, why not view another lengthy video of Tommy Robinson question and answers at the Oxford Union event, I dare you, listen to the hostile audience change through the “interview” and by the end the cheering, go on, don’t be a bigot and have a watch before judging…

My word have you done well! Hang on, Tommy Robinson discriminates against the community of the LGBTQ rsuvwxyz – pun! Yet again have you actually viewed another video of him interviewing transgender journalist Zuzanna Mroz, you see, the bigoted hardcore fascist left will ignore this, but if you have got this far then a massive thanks, please watch the interview…

That is a great interview.

You see, I am not a fascist, certainly not a bigot. I do not hate many things in life but fascism is certainly at the top of the short list as are bigots. I do believe in freedom of opinion as in speech, providing no hatred or harm is intended to anyone.

If you got this far, then you probably agree with me?

I just zig-zag down the middle which is breast.

Fuck knows.

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