Seatbelts do save you know so clunk click every trip

This year three car accidents have occurred on the road to my village, one was fatal, his girlfriend now wears her seatbelt, tragic. Yet I see another lady set off without seatbelt, upon return her son kicks the car door shut, he is only about 5-6 years old, if she carries on like this he will grow without respect for her and others.

My rant being, the guy who died was thrown from the car, they never wore seatbelts, it could have saved him? I have talked to his dad and dare not say anything – obviously.  The woman who still doesn’t, well I don’t care about her but please get your son strapped in, im more bothered about the possibilities that she also could be projected out of the windscreen and damage someone else, and her son too?

Its a proper pet hate but because its very quiet here it seems folks forget the law and common sense, believe what you want but driving a little slower with seatbelts on do save. Jimmy Saville and the clunk click every trip were bang on, this was before wearing a seatbelt became law in the UK.

Another guy drives with the two year old on his knee and steering, head resting to the screen, arrggghhhh…

Rant almost over, fasten your seatbelts folks and do not drive with young ones sat on your lap in the front seats, in any seat for that matter.

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