Atos, ESA and the failed system

I now have an appointment with my MP Kris Hopkins on Fri morning 13th July, we know the law has not been broken so its going to be a huge matter of principle that the ‘system’ seems to not recognise sarcoidosis, I will be writing an in-depth article on my experience of trying to get help from the benefits system while I was at my worse, which we know the system failed me. Thankfully I appear to be improving even quicker – we think? and my search for appropriate employment will deepen.

All I am after is a system which is fairer to those that can be quite seriously ill but with potential to recover, sarcoidosis is not covered like many other mainstream illnesses, if you put cancer, crohn’s disease, diabetes, and numerous other serious conditions into an illness mixture, what then gets poured out is sarcoidosis, the system fails us big time…

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