A shadow within

A shadow of former self, thats how it sometimes feels.

Today they have started me on Fluoxetine with a referral back for counselling, we know Pred can play mind games but with some of the memories those games can be made much worse. I often wonder what it would have been like to have a really nice genuine woman to help me when its really tough, I’ll never know.

The medics at times seem more concerned that I live alone, I avoid local music jam nights as I will probably get known as the village idiot even though im good ‘Stu’s a fucked up bundle of fun’.

Today my court stuff gets sent to the higher tier, will publish MPs letter later as at least its confirmed he has taken my case on. My fight of getting sorted carries on, getting my bankruptcy discharge was a relief but also a memory of everything I lost, as mentioned before, mainly through no fault of my own.

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