Do you get at least five per day?

With all the what you can and should not eat, and how to get your five per day fruit and or vegetables, well this is how I can get at least my five in one swift move.

At the bottom of the container are a few slices of smoked ham, on top is a good half bag of packed crisp salad – a soup bowl of salad is one per day, a few slices of cucumber – 5 cm is one per day, with caesar dressing, a good handful of red grapes – a handful of grapes is one per day, and a banana – is one per day…

Rounded to something near the cost;

£0.75 Salad. This is enough for two measures
£0.30 Cucumber. This is over one measure.
£0.75 Grapes. This is over one measure.
£0.10 Banana. One measure.
£0.50 Smoked ham.
£0.20 Caeser dressing.


Yes £2.60 for a super healthy – caeser dressing, ok not as healthy but, £2.60 for a good dinner, lunch or whatever you call the mid day break, giving you the five per day, but in the morning at least 200ml of fruit juice, evening a good cooked meal, I usually get it ten times per day, hang on, where is she, oh, that’s another story…!

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