Interview at work

Hmmm, researched, revised, rehearsed, and readied myself, thinking I have lost my spark for interviews to progress within? used to be terrific. Supposing the last few rough years can count as being pretty hard, then a massive positive of gaining employment through the Leeds branch of Remploy, then further positives of the sarcoid going into remission and slowly getting off the ‘drugs’ allowed me to think about progressing in work.

Over the years I have always advanced within my employment, a little annoyed at myself why I now mess up, the first interview I knew I weren’t good and that I was just happy to get it, this interview I did what I used to do as it would be my ideal, half in the office and half on site, the work itself I know im capable of, but, I struggled to get answers out – that I knew – and so…

In a nut shell, I enjoy what im doing, I work hard, I like the whole group, its just that, in a few months my tax credits will drop, and then, its going to be a proper struggle, a proper struggle brings worry, worry can bring on the anxiety, which in turn can eventually cause my sarcoid to raise its ‘shit’ head, I just need to live and not survive, but it might all be in my mind or am I really a shadow of my former self, rejected?



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