Various band photos

Ah ha, I love some old shots, just a few here. Though I can not find any from rock covers band Somerset Avenue – of which I played bass and backing vocals, or AC/DC covers band Highway to Hull of which I tried singing, not enough engine oil in my throat though!

Aurora 1

Aurora 2
This was great fun, humble beginnings as Reich Elm, I suggested Aurora, and that we also get a new singer, Peat went and in came the amazing Stevie ‘T’ and his superb fun!

Gig time with Phtang
I mean, look at that singing style, it actually fit that band, Sensei evolved into Phtang, it all stopped when I decided to be a dad, it should have been a short break but took 10 years to play with those guys again, we had some pretty good laughs indeed.

53 12
53/12 was my last band, enjoyed some of that but I really need a band that have a head as messed as mine ha! I still have the idea of forming a ‘FUT’ that would be a punk, rock, and blues type band, yet also a solo act? lets see eh…

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