Opinions must be accepted, even if disagreed with.

This, I think is spot on. I have changed various elements for privacy, but the message is very clear…

“If supporting the rebuilding of our depleted military, bringing vehicle manufacturing jobs back to Detroit, Michigan and Ohio, stopping Daesh terror on innocents, replacing a failed and money hungry health care system is somehow related to being a Nazi please inform me how? You see, you are actually full of fucking shit. There is no Nazi in the oval office, nor are his supporters Nazis. I imagine a few have and did come out of the woodwork but they are quickly being put in their place. I will not let someone label me and judge me based on my desires to see the USA improve its dire circumstances. You are a judgemental prick and we are no longer friends. Have a good day. I’m sure you mean well, but you also haven’t a clue. Trump supporters are not Nazis. Half of the USA voted for him so you get a grip. We are sick and tired of media brainwashing, left wing idiocy and failed inner city policies and watching great American jobs leave. our veterans commit suicide from lack of care, the list goes on”

…Absolutely amazingly said.

You see, if you want everyone to agree and abide your own opinions and don’t accept anything else, then you are on the verge of fascism. Without dialogue the village called earth is well and truly fucked.

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