Is the fourth Reich Nigh?

I really don’t want to harp on – again… Trump is doing stuff that he promised he would, stuff that Obama talked about but dare not – it isn’t a Muslim ban, jeez, fake news I guess!?

You fuckwit do-gooder hardcore left fascist nuts, where are you when it comes to other situations? Folks barred from various countries as shown, what about a massive protest against FGM? Protests against homelessness, protests about domestic abuse against men, equal rights for dads, what about ffs I stop there.

I really do want to harp on – again… You all lock yourselves into that nice comfy bubble called home that one day will burst. Your extreme liberalism is ‘killing’ the village called Earth. Folks are getting scared to speak out – not this one!

Wake up, oh, I forgot about the feminists that are just so when it fits them.

Up with menism!

Dammed tangents, arrggghhhh…

I never knew...

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