Reasons to vote Labour

This is not mine but allowed to share. Haven’t a clue how to do long posts on Twitter so this is my next best way…

“Imagine it. Just imagine it for one moment. Imagine if we had a decent, honourable man as Prime Minister. A man who does not want to take us to war, inflicting horror and misery on tens of thousands of innocent people, just because we want the US Government to pat us on the head and say ‘Yes, we have a special relationship’.
A man who wants to do his best to help the most vulnerable in our society.
A man who is not interested in making money out of his position.
A man who really does believe in helping the many, not the few. A man who has spent his entire adult life fighting for the rights of people who are in a hopeless situation.
He did this for decades, with little or no coverage from the media for his efforts. He did this because he knew it was the right thing to do.
A man who tried to bring peace to Northern Ireland, knowing he would be pilloried for doing this. He wanted to stop the killing, so he thought being pilloried was worth it if this meant an end to the murders.
Despite what the media tell you, he condemned all terrorist atrocities in Northern Ireland. He condemned the IRA. He condemned the Loyalists.
And for the last two years, just about every single newspaper has told people that this man is ‘Dangerous’. And the BBC and Sky News have repeated this nonsense.
He is a man of peace. You can have this man, Jeremy Corbyn, as your Prime Minister.
But he will only become our Prime Minister if you refuse to believe the horrible negative stuff that has been written about him by those who want to keep their hold on power.
Vote Labour.”

Superbly put Tony.

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