How are Britains nukes independent

This question has been knocked around for years and years and I’ve tried explaining it a few times over the years but, maybe folk’s just do not want to hear the real truth?

I mentioned similar earlier; Think of this. The US of A get blown to bits, all the communications have gone. The UK has one fully loaded sub out there, another to launch imminently, two in dry dock for repairs and maintenance but, we can do nothing as the US of A has all the codes? Anyway, it’s just, as an ex service ‘person’ (always pissed) we did a very many exercises within this scenario. What more do I say, The Trident missiles are manufactured in the states, the warhead has British technology and are independent to be used by the British government in a use which would ultimately be M.A.D. (luck it up).

Thankfully they will never be used…

Please folk’s, stop saying the United Kingdom needs the US of A to press that non existent button – fucking hell.

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