I pay that licence fee yet might well stop. You know, paying for something that is hoped to be zig zagging up the middle. Got it, yet?!

The BBC has turned into this thing, it’s shit reporting, it constantly reports things like erm anti Brexit, anti Trump, anti middle of the road, pretty much anything anti-ish right, It’s beginning to be absolute shite.

The only BBC person I feel to zig zag through the middle is Andrew Neil, the rest are twats, oh, hang on. The BBC’S non political programs are full of politics to take the piss out of Trump, Brexit is a disaster for all, you know as to what I’m saying, ah, it’s so annoying…

For fucks shite, why can’t you, the BBC, do genuine political reporting, no politics in Graham Norton for example, it’s Trump or Brexit every week you twat.

I’m almost done with the BBC, it’s easy to work out how not to pay the licence as about three million have done.

The BBC is my favourite channel but the huge stride being taking to the hardcore left is getting to be utter drivel.

Your programs are doing my head in, fucks sake…

Originally on the left, Stuart Briggs.



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