Quite Some Leak Going on Here.

Proper bonkers rainfall during storm Christoph and put together with all the snow thaw, that is a mega bad. Mind you, the following videos are not totally about that recent weather, it is something that has slowly been developing. In early December 2010 I were so very lucky to get ‘this’ home.

It is quite a story, lots typed on here, lots of shite too, anyway, damp started a while ago, this is pretty much since the heating got ‘upgraded’ in late 2019, it is terrible. Then so I have recently recorded four videos, they have been sent to Homegroup housing association therefore I will report further but, it seems for the following leak videos they are going to send a plumber – I might be wrong, have a view… When I learn how ffs.

You can see above it took three attempts to get the video right and below it took two, but we again got there, I must remember how it happened!

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