What is it With The BBC.

This is simply a complaint. I am aware of BBC views, reporting, documentaries, history and even food, all they seem to mention is doom and gloom leaning to the extreme left. Depressive voices everywhere, even the backing tracks, what the fuck is happening? No wonder thousands upon thousands are shutting down on the TV license tax.

That license fee, I give it about five years, as folks are getting fed up of the BBC bias bullshit. Oh, I simply mean, most of those employed through the BBC seem to live in a bubble, something they haven’t a clue out of.

Various folks are leaving the BBC and starting independent broadcasting, I watch them, they are good, certainly Alex Belfield and Anna Brees, there are others. Real life reporting and not the harping on of the BBC leftism agenda.

I believe the wokeness of the BBC is destroying them, bring on a ‘proper’ funny man (person ffs), someone like Dave Allen, or simply listen to Rowan Atkinson and Ricky Gervais, both loaded but hey, I agree with their views on comedy and satire and free speech. Actually, I think I said something a few ‘blogs’ ago, arrggghhhh…

Just me.

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