2001 a Space Odyssey, Just How.

You know, I had a mental rush. Anyway, back to that later. I were thinking about Joan, comes to mind the 1970’s middle school, Wycliffe, now a primary school, Joan Gillis? She were a great gymnast. I ended up working, twice at Metal Box in Shipley, where she worked in admin, I do regret leaving the first time, reason being is not for here.

Joan Collins were on my mind, or were it the Cinzano advert, I’m simply not sure why? Below here (a few posts below!), you can view a video of rising damp and the rain leaking in my social housing home, so perhaps that is the link? Lots of ? marks I know, though I am pressing the keyboard widget things as I go along.

Phew, so. and then Kate Thornton comes to mind, I think Joan were a good friend of hers, did they sit together? Kate were tall and I think into horses? Erm, Leonard Rossiter in the Cinzano advert, he spills the drink over Joan Collins’ (is that correct English?) lap in a aeroplane.

So, I simply thought about the Stanley Kubricks 2001 space movie, isn’t his name just superb. I sat on the floor, rug, carpet, whatever and looked through the space/science fiction movies I have, then I saw it! I can not remember getting it, Now I need it to play on my 10 year old LG DVD player, that has served me super well but isn’t working well, isn’t it simply 2001 science and technology, just not as the movie…

To a few, the above will make sense.

I really liked Joan and Kate. I really liked Catherine Young, a small girl always walking tall.

Ah, it started playing and for some reason I started crying at this, this part, so it’s bed…

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