Sarcoid by Stuart Briggs

The only song on this planet we call earth about Sarcoidosis – and it is terrific! So, if you happen to StumbleUpon this post then please do share and pass the word around…

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  1. Bhuvanesh Sharma

    Good evening sir,
    sir i want to know about changing of frets ? becoz my guitar is created so much buzzing. i gave my guitar to the shop, for lowering the action and shopkeeper rub the frets bends the neck (curve shaped), on that time i don’t about the guitar so much. but presently i know about the guitar and play as good. sir i see your video and lower my guitar action. video works really awesome, but on a string whole frets are buzzing, i know its problem with my guitar. sir, can you pls tell me about the changing of frets. sir, i have Washburn semi acoustic guitar. 🙂

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