A New Life

Well, with so much corruption and persecution around, the fake news that causes folks to say ‘stuff’ they haven’t got a flying fuck of what it means and then the… I stop there.


I’m going to try bring this Encore acoustic guitar back to life. It does have DNA inside if you look closely! I will try turn it into an electro acoustic, big challenge. Was thinking about turning it into a light grey, but I like the batteredness that fits my life.

“Sick alert” Jacob shouts about Matthew!





These are the true anti-fascist

I’m still sort of shocked (and bruised) from last night of being called a fascist, certainly when I mentioned my granddad Briggs helped defeat the Nazis, the word fascist still filtered through my brain. My calming medications didn’t work. Last Monday I started the two per day bone building medication (drinks), last Thursday I had certain bloods taken, next Thursday I will probably go on some stronger medication for my mind.

This is what defeated fascism and nazism. I’m so gutted how folks from the left are now loosely using those evil words.

I so miss my Granddad Briggs, for various reasons he would have been disappointed last night. Thankfully my mind did change at the point of no return.

Writing this with tears, is it any wonder I can hate my life so much…

Grandad 1

Grandad 2

Grandad 3

Grandad 4

Never ever, call me a fascist…


I’m Gutted

I’m gutted as to how loosely the words ‘nazi’ and ‘fascist’ are used. Last night I was stupid and over reacted. My granddad fought against that evil. Proper gutted.

I need to be a recluse or hermit or something then die.

Time out.

Operation Valkyrie, in Britain

This time Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg is played (in real life) by Tommy Robinson (real name Ste… ffs). This could be a huge blog but what is the point?

On Friday 5th July a massive injustice happened in the United Kingdom. Millions of us Brits knew this was going to happen but so hoped not. Tommy Robinson found guilty to contempt of court, however, that trial had completed with local press publishing names. The guilty paedophiles were turning up with prison bags for sentencing, nothing changed. The filming he rightly did outside Leeds crown court, of the sentencing for those child abusers, broke no laws. That is fact.

Anyway, Operation Valkyrie in Britain, has it already started eh!

As many folks as possible should now research and film as many paedophiles as possible entering court with their prison bag for sentencing, then ask ‘How do you feel about your verdict today’ that is all Tommy Robinson said to them.

You know, the government’s ordered upto 800 armoured street patrol vehicles. They know what is happening and arriving…

Oh, just to clarify the same day rooms at the Old Bailey, unbelievable isn’t it.


Trying to explain ‘it’


Is this where we are heading?

I didn’t know a D-notice had been served on coverage of the French yellow vests protests and suspect ‘they’ know if the United Kingdom government do not do as told then I feel sure it will end with people on the streets big time. Up to 600 armoured vehicles are being manufactured, shhh… But it’s here.

D notice

The government are already getting ready for when the British public finally kick off due to the incompetence of the traitors in House of Commons as in the shut down of reporting of the French protests.

These vehicles are not going to be used like tanks in another country. Mark my word they are for use in the UK or at worse an EU army. The government must deliver a WTO Brexit and also stop the silencing of those that say anything right of left. We have had enough, Millions of us.

Unfortunately I can see civil unrest. Most folks I chat with feel the same, apart from those I know who happen to be far left. I hope it doesn’t but ‘we’ can hardly say anything before being accused of some phobia or another, I’m sick to fuck of it.


E.U. 2019 elections.

So, it’s here, this is the most important European Union elections ever for the United Kingdom.

I was in the Labour party, finished. I joined the For Britain Party of Anne Marie Waters, I joined because they represent my views on life. Next it would be Gerard Batten of the United Kingdom Independence Party, he is doing a great job of rebuilding them. Then it would be Nigel Farage of the Brexit Party.

For Britain are not standing in the EU elections. UKIP are standing in all areas with a manifesto. The Brexit Party are standing in all areas without a manifesto. Tommy Robinson is also standing in the North-West.

So, if I lived in the North West I would vote Tommy Robinson. Everywhere else I would vote UKIP, yet at the bottom and if necessary I would vote for the Brexit Party.

This is the beginning to getting rid of the shit two party system of the Conservatives & Labour, plus the other out of touch nuts of the LibDems & the Greens. All are middle to upper class traitors. Oh, all the Antifa & other stupid demonstrators are middle to upper class (and beyond) far left fascist elitist fuckwits – do not forget.

Vote for a leave the European Union party in the United Kingdom on the 23rd May 2019.

The working classes are back!

Drain the swamp…

It is, it isn’t, I don’t know – again!

Phew, I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis in the year 2010. A strange year, as it became obvious those symptoms had been with me most of my life. I could explain but wont – you’re welcome to ask.

The attached photos should explain a lot of my present…


But… As for the above, I didn’t attend, not yet. Maybe more later.

As is

Therefore, proper odd isn’t it.


I couldn’t find this at the local, it’s here…

It’s like, someone started a ‘chat’ about the European ‘Union’ Elections. I tried explaining that, for the first time I voted in the UK local elections (destroying my vote, counted still, whatever that’s called).

The For Britain party did very well in the local elections (I joined months ago), anyways. I tried explaining in my order of voting to the EU elections are: For Britain, then UKIP and then the Brexit party. All are ‘leave’

So, I tried explaining the For Britain Party will not be standing for every EU seat in the UK (I stand to be corrected)- but have a manifesto. I tried explaining that UKIP are – with a manifesto, standing for all areas (I stand to be corrected). I tried explaining that the Brexit party do not have membership but subscribers, standing in areas but with a very limited manifesto (I stand to be corrected). All are leave the European Union parties.

Sorry, it’s all facts and I really shouldn’t get involved. If I thought I were wrong then I would hold my hands up, I can only chat facts. though enjoy being corrected!

Fucking annoying really, oh to be a fibber.


Tommy Robinson MEP, ha ha…

Yes please!

Little me, gets restricted on social media for commenting and sharing what I believe in – freedom of speech without hatred to violence, yes the elitist fascist extreme leftism’s MSM do try banning anything to the right of them. That goes for all the mainstream LibLabCon & other current HoC fuckwit parties.

After being a lifelong Labour supporter I can never do this again. The United Kingdom needs massive change. I joined the For Britain party, however, in order after For Britain I will vote UKIP, The Brexit Party, or spoil my vote with ‘Fuck You’ because it’s about time the working classes fully assembled up. Whoever might stumble upon this, do please vote against the establishment of how they rule ya…

What a voice, Kelly Day.

Do share. Peace.