Quite Some Leak Going on Here.

Proper bonkers rainfall during storm Christoph and put together with all the snow thaw, that is a mega bad. Mind you, the following videos are not totally about that recent weather, it is something that has slowly been developing. In early December 2010 I were so very lucky to get ‘this’ home.

It is quite a story, lots typed on here, lots of shite too, anyway, damp started a while ago, this is pretty much since the heating got ‘upgraded’ in late 2019, it is terrible. Then so I have recently recorded four videos, they have been sent to Homegroup housing association therefore I will report further but, it seems for the following leak videos they are going to send a plumber – I might be wrong, have a view… When I learn how ffs.

You can see above it took three attempts to get the video right and below it took two, but we again got there, I must remember how it happened!

Facebook is Shit, Finally.

Yes I know, I said this about Twitter a few days ago. So the only social media I’m still on – with is YouTube, now the thing is here, I’m slowly though shitly working on videos, I’m trying to load them direct on here, from both my phone and this laptop.

It isn’t straight forward for the likes of myself and millions of others. ‘Just do this’ is like trying to tell me to read something in a bible, I say ‘in’ a bible as quite a few are out there. Slowly learning as my flat has had (still) quite a raining water leak, a few videos showing, eventually on here!

Twitter is Shit, Finally.

Well, after many years and thousands of tweets, then mainly retweets, I have decided to stop using Twitter, my ‘page’ is still present but I’m done. This is not simply because they booted Trump in the acorn, it seems to be full of lost folks that spend all day complaining on it.

Do not forget, going into 2016 Twitter’s decline was pretty impressive, the decline is now continuing.

I’m done.

A Little Fun But…

You know, during these mental times in this village named Earth, you try a little bit of fun and FazeBukkake take it down as breaking rules, breaking rules for fuck sake, here it is.

New scales arrived, not sure on the accuracy of them but by the end of the year I should be under 80kg?

Ah ha, I re-calibrated them, also my jumper weighs a ton, the light does cause some viewing differences.

Main thing is, you can tell it is not myself by the size of my feet. If you have small hands then apply proof with your C.V. at the bottom of this post.

Anyways, soshall madia is slowly killing a bit of fun, the extreme leftisms are removing ‘it’ out of life. Dave Allen was one of the best, these days he would be banned, I most certainly am with Rowan Atkinson and Ricky Gervais on this issue.

Lockdown Junction No. 44, My second trainset.

How to build a model railway from scratch the easy way.

Right, this is my first attempt at using plaster of Paris for modelling. The first video went into slow motion and I haven’t a clue why but I like the sounds!

It is Working!

So, this video is on my YouTube channel ‘Lockdown Junction, My 2nd Train-set Part 43 How to Build a Model Railway From Scratch the Easy Way’ and obviously the previous 42 episodes. From now on the videos will be on my site only. Still working it all out but it is working!

Erm, Surely not, a Train Video…

Trying again!


Experiment 1

I’m trying to learn how to put videos directly on here and not through youtube. Not yet working, arrggghhhh.


What it must be like, not to have a depressive cell in ‘your’ body.