A huge drop

So it’s Monday 22nd of May 2017 and I’ve reduced the Prednisolone to 4mg/day, lowest in years! Last time I got down to this dosage I started being stupidly ill again, body packed in, lungs looked like tree roots, so here we go arrggghhhh…


How to eliminate the UK debt

This is really easy!

Stop all conflict between parties, allow the £zillionaires to have two years to clear this mess, this will not cause that much of a dent in their wealth. After the two years the slate is clean, then, this is when the £zillionaires get their say, never borrow again and use what you have. The national tax funds per tax year is nearing one £trillion, therefore it needs a mixed panel? of folks to keep a check on government spending, this panel would be far better than the hideous House of Lords twats.

Simple, especially with the likes of the following…



It is about seven years ago.

Yes back in May 2010 I started having stupid bouts of illness.

In November 2009 I achieved getting on at Airedale Hospital as a healthcare support worker. I had started having training for the next level – senior as I was pretty good and had a manufacturing background. Because of my background and experience in improvements the management were very keen. It is work smarter not harder for those who can’t or don’t want to understand – unfortunately at that time many of the nursing staff didn’t want to or couldn’t understand this philosophy. I did witness lots of pointless waste, it just needed education. Airedale took me on board as part of the lean and improvements team, not cost cutting team.

Something that I was really looking forward to, I had started helping the mental health team with a potential permanent move on the table, they would easily have got 20 years out of me…

Anyway = Sarcoidosis started.

Perhaps I should do more?

On this site. I mean, when I do post so much has ended up about my Sarcoidosis and the shit that goes with it. Perhaps I should try getting back to doing more music, more writing, more cooking, more nonsense, more of the less and simply just more?!

Any way the sarcoid update, yesterday I had four x-rays on my spine, last week was to the hospital maxillo facial check up, between two and six more teeth need to come out, jaw/facial bones are somewhat a mess. Advised trying to drop the Prednisolone to 2.5mg/day from the 7 after the maximum of 40mg/day (I was was fucked), currently on 5 and do get the warm chicken feeling!

So much else it has confused the shit out of that ‘matter’ that bounces in my head. A few photos that give a little more of the current progress – is it?

Sarcoid to date


This is some advice that has been mentioned but, these supplements are they only ones we know that can actually be damaging for those with Sarcoidosis.

Bones 1

Then this booklet which is mainly for older folks than myself!

Bones 2

Something relaxing…

Watchful paranoia watching me.

Must reserve for copy rights things!

Vehicle air fresheners for taxis. All takeaway flavours catered for would boost the taxi and takeaway industries hugely. Example; order the taxi when drunk, smell the kebab air freshener and off you go… A super cheap massive idea!

Pet hates with some Proper hates

Thought I had blue though black is best.

That look, have I taken your seat?
Minus one to minus two whats that all about…

Fag ends on the floor especially those still smoking. What is so difficult in stubbing them out then throwing into a bin.
Prams pushed into the road as the parent woman – usually, looks at the phone trying to cross.
Sports folks spit, but they don’t go around in public areas getting the worse gunk out of their mouths onto the pavement.
A low kerb crossing blocked by some twatting big four wheel drive vehicle and on the road zigzagged out of school.
Women – erm, feminists that are just that when the time is ‘ok’ for them to be so.

Best blame some men now, but that’s a struggle…

Beards, those who don’t grow them, oh but I love dreads especially in a beard!

What brings you in here again?

I am, I’m not.

Those needing foodbanks, so much food goes to waste, a bent cucumber, a brown banana, fucking stupid isn’t it.
Homelessness anywhere.
Pretend poor, it’s such a struggle in poverty. Yeah, right eh – fuckers.
Terrorism, bullying, home alone, cruelty, extreme hate of any type.

Dammed 53 again, fuck right off.

Un – frozen dog shit gets slipped on, frozen just rolls with it!

The list goes on…

Me to those types mentioned.

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP


Double ice and JD please.
First ride of the year and I fell off.
Don’t go again – avoid it.
Best call the best friend.

That’s what I needed.
A week of massive highs.
Massive lows
And huge stupidity.

Four letters an excuse?
Saturday was phenomenal.
My sons are phenomenal.
My best pals phenomenal.


Almost £10 on the Co-op.
Will it go to the foodbank?
Double JD with single ice.
An easy rhyme is simply spice.

Back soon.
Porky scratchings please.

More listening to the old.
As the young should be told.
Just listen to their say.
This bit almost rhymed.

She’s bored to fuck.

Go to sleep and wake up.
All problems are gone.
It’s realised to nothing.
Only you are awake.


Fucking mad isn’t it.
Novelty of said sand.
It’s only cricket.
Keep your chin up.

Oh well.

A hat and a purse.
Then keep your money safe.
A monologue?
Not phenomenal.

But it could be worse.

I’ve decided not to…

… write a full blog about a recent post on my fucking Facebook page, anyway: I posted a link about a family that are leaving the UK because of Brexit, they are moving to Germany. I mentioned that those who didn’t like the result and want to leave then do so as in ‘more please’ and that is simply my opinion. I was going to post the full thread and aggressive abuse that I received from my old ‘pal’ but…

I struggle with those that pretend to be poor and also those claiming they live in poverty but actually have a (very) comfortable life.

The link to the family that have decided to leave.

As mentioned before, those who do not accept (or agree not to accept) different opinions to their own are in a dangerous place. Without wrong, right and all the in-between dialogue, the village named Earth will carry on being fucked.

I keep adding to this short blog!

This is what he posted to erm Darren Beaker Dowson…

“Paul Stone; you’ve met the bloke in question, absolutely sick of hearing it from a fucker ain’t done a stroke of work in 5 years, but can have an allotment? pfft”

Best mentioned, one of my problems is that I have the well known condition – Sarcoidosis and do not like accusations of any type. I’m furious…

Remembering I worked through Remploy and then again my body packed in.

Ah, I’m also ex forces – Royal Air Force. I have also held hands and stroked a lady’s hair as she passed away.

Oh the evidence to this particular hypocritical right wing cunT, eh…

CunT Stone.

Sarcoid to date

My funeral…

One thing is for sure and must now be on record in writing.

It shouldn’t happen for quite sometime but… My funeral will not be attended by my parents or siblings (brother and sister). Typing this post has caused me some discomfort as it bothered me as to what my parents and siblings would think?

Many of my bizarre dreams and nightmares are in fact true.

Health update

Once upon a time I posted some pretty funny shit on here, now it’s all about my health, life and politics.

Today I went to the dentist, they wanted to pull six teeth, I got them down to three and then decided no, I would rather pull two myself. A target is to have a first denture fit but and because of the sarcoidosis, I know I do not heal like a healthier person – I fear the dentures hugely.

Dentures irritate while settling in, I cannot risk any irritation as I know the sarcoid will have a bit of fun fucking me up so, I’m not going to do it. As in a previous post to this, the medics want to put me on some other mental health drugs, I spoke with my doctor and told him I’m not going to do it.

March 2017 was due to have had alot happen with me, so I decided to having nothing done, potentially it’s the most fucking fucked off I have been with my health since starting to be ill in my mid 40’s. Telling the dentist I simply would like my remaining 18 teeth to last for five years got a blank look.

No chance…


Thankfully, some of best and most calming musical compositions I’ve ever heard are here…