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Yeah, I can blog from my phone! At last I can try using my site as ‘proper’ on-the-go blogging.

Photo try…


6, 9, 99.

Eaten well Hanna was walking home, a lovely public path by the river, she sat and listened to nothing.

This very warm and dry weather the river drops, very low.

In heatwave’s the public footpath turns and ventures right onto the riverbed. Sun glaring the now stream trickles, old fence borders can be seen, especially at the oxbow. She skims a few stones to see if they will skip to the other-side, it’s very close. First, hmmm, second, that’s pretty good. Upon the third throw and second skip it stops with a ‘dink’ oh, how deep?

Hanna, she had plimsolls on but skinny jeans yet it was quite secluded. Footwear off, jeans peeled down she ventured into the shallow. It really wasn’t that far. Just under the surface a blunt looking object could be seen. She looked around, either to ask for a hand or to make sure no one could see her thong.

Feeling the object it felt like slimy wood? She give it a good tug, but she slipped into the stream due to the slime on the wood, she just couldn’t get a grip.

An idea, go get those skinny jeans, secure one leg round the object and with the other pull it hard, could this leverage work?

Strangely, still no one is using the public footpath. A leg is tied around the stump, the other is over her right shoulder, this should do it. She pulls hard – nothing, she pulls hard but levers with it – nothing. By now she is becoming obsessed. Sitting in the stream she wedges her feet to just below the wooden stump, left jean leg around the stump, right jean leg round her back she heaves backwards, she heaves backwards with the stream at her ears.

Hanna Lord, her head goes under due to the release of this erm, it’s an old, well what looks like a weapon, good grief. She pushes herself up, someone is watching on the public footpath.

“Hello, you want some help dear”

Demanded rather than asked.

Hanna released the jeans from what appears to be some sort of weapon, While in the shallows she does manage to wriggle back into those skinny jeans, though now she is more than very wet.

“No thanks”

“What you got dear”

She walks to the dry path and up the bank.

“Thank you for your concern but, it looks like a long tube with a wood stump”

“Dear, do you mind if I help”

It really is hot, Hanna’s jeans are shrinking to shape.

The stranger has a closer look at this wood and metal tube, both use the dry grass with the water to rub the strange object.

As it starts to clean a lever seems to be on what must be the underside of the wood, due to the angle against what now seems a barrel.

“Dear, that is a very old musket, it’s a wood shoulder brace, some parts are missing for the cock but, it is very old, they were very unreliable, a chance to gash your face could be as high as the target trying to be shot”


Hanna is wondering, who is this person? Thankfully it’s still only early evening.

“Let me show you dear”


“Dear, if the enemy reached you due to the muskets shots being so off target what happens”


“Huh, dears hold fine – fire, huh, reload, rear hold fine – fire huh, reload, front fire huh, hold still dears, hold firm, the target, hold…”

Jumping to waking, Hanna could hear the local clay pigeon club start the evening event, they’re only over the river. Thing is, she couldn’t fully work out why her skinny jeans seemed to have got ever more damp.

She is the dearest.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

Waving wildly from her car I returned it with my left hand.

Where had she been? I haven’t seen her since she was standing, looking at an over loaded bee on the ground. if only I had a spoon, warm water and some honey.

But where is the dog? Ah yes, as she drove on by we both smiled, maybe one day I should ask what the dogs name is.

A robin lands nearby, should I stop and close my eyes? A short wish for something that wont happen, oh crikey there goes a magpie!

Closed eyes ‘I wish I hadn’t seen that magpie’ and upon opening my eyes…

Two magpies fly on by.


Trying to explain cpap?

Few years ago I started to stop breathing during the night, many folks do but it is usually blamed on being overweight, especially obese. When I started being ill and finally diagnosed as being a sarcoid in 2010 my weight had dropped to about 8st and in kilograms it’s something else, I was put on prednisolone (Steroids, still am) and later azathioprine (chemotherapy, still am). At my peak I was on 40mg/day pred, this was for about two months. In that time I should have got massive yet I didn’t but I did get up to the weight of now which is about 85k and in stones it’s something else.

That weight is over the advised but my bloods are now the best since 2010, though overweight I should have been massive, obviously this points to the sarcoidosis being active, very active. So, my night time breathing became a problem. It now needs cleaning and filtered but the cpap stopped the breathing difficulties. What has started happening, I feel like my body powers down then next thing I’m wide awake bouncing around on my bed, after what feels like a shock. I think my heart has started to stop beating during the night, something electrical? gets it going again, it really is an immense experience and to be honest it does not scare me.

I will book into the doctors even though I start at the Harrogate hospital on June 12th 2018. It’s more than probable that at 53 years of age yet living in an old body is the reason. For the past few years I have been seeing the number 53, I’m 54 on July 27th, it’s getting close…

A cpap.


And what I think about seeing the light, ha.

Up you

Armoured Street Patrol Vehicles

Well, I mentioned this a very long time ago, to a few. When I first learned about the amount of armoured street patrol vehicles (not tanks!), it was about 500. Unfortunately I just can not find my information from back then so.

The first report below here mentions up to 600 of these vehicles, to ensure national security. This stuff just keeps getting ignored, it is available to find but folks are simply ignoring this massive model of looking after the homelands?! For me that doesn’t take much working out. Oh, the link…


Ahhh you think eh, but within a short period of years the armoured street patrol vehicles order is now climbing (why?!). Why is this not being reported mainstream? Yet again I have my opinions. For me you see the happy clapping tree hugging do gooder and relatively wealthy lot’s are out of touch in their nice out of touch bubbles.

A tangent but I have decided not to vote again, I’m usually a Labour ‘fan’ but they no longer represent me, myself and I. I voted to leave the EU and I still would, I’ve wanted out since 1984. My patience is diminished with politically correct lovely’s but I do not hate them, I do not hate anyone apart from child abusers of any form from anywhere. Oh, the latest order for armoured street patrol vehicles, yep it’s now about 800…


Make what you think of it but folks are fed up of the fascist environment that the United Kingdom has become, not left, not right – it’s you lot wanting everything your own way, you controlling lot well, you’re all the same.

Things arrive in three’s?

That old saying isn’t it. So, of late most of my post’s have been quite negative, I really can not help that, I would prefer some Stuart madness and have folks laughing their teeth out…

June see’s the start to the roll out of Universal Credit in my district, though in principle I do agree with having certain benefits combined, to give those in need, some kind of responsibility, it is a bind that in June my Personal Independence Payment is also being reassessed. Again, I did not expect this until next year but I have now learned the reassessment arrives about one year before the current award is due to finish and so that I also understand.

Also in June, I start my appointments to treatments at Harrogate hospitals, think I’ve mentioned somewhere else Bradford NHS trust was first used, then Airedale NHS trust and now Harrogate is to be tried to get another opinion for my Sarcoidosis body.

Three pretty dammed difficult stresses starting in the same month.

And so, moving on.

I’m shitting myself.

A Sarcoids Timescale – ish…

I’m really glad that sometimes folks do actually ask me about Sarcoidosis, though I think I’ve never mentioned the erm, so-called timescales, let me try…

Up to six months is usually diagnosis and for most who get this shit it leaves within about this period of time.

Up to 12 months, by now some pretty strong drugs are being given, usually started by massive dosages followed by slow reduction.

Up to 24 months, the drugs usually work and the body adjusts back to some kind of normality but, damage by the sarcoid remains.

Up to 5 years, this is a tough one as by now the ‘sarcoid’ has fallen into a period of ‘the medics really do not know what to do’ and that is not their fault. Sarcoidosis is very rare, especially after this distance of time. More drugs are tried, including chemotherapy types.

Up to 8 years, the drugs are as bad as the sarcoidosis, especially if, whats the point.

Up to 10 years, not alot is known but sarcoids can and do live beyond this timescale.

Up to erm, haven’t a fucking clue.

The mind games are bonkers, drugs are taken to try help with that. The mind say’s you can do something but you just can’t, but try indeed.

Sarcoidosis, it isn’t a battle to conquer it, we hope it simply fucks off, as it can but, the body remains damaged and does not recover, partly due to the long term usage of drugs.

My beard is getting shorter, that’s been mentioned a few times but, I will carry on writing about sarcoidosis as not many do, especially after so long.

I’ve changed alot since the below video, now a very old 53 years of age and tired.

Fuck it!!!

Election May 3rd 2018

For the first time since I can remember I did not vote. I’m disillusioned with politics and need to get away from it all. I’m not into the wings of left or right etc. I’m simply somewhere down the middle and as it stands no one party represents my views’ I would usually vote Labour but they have gone too extreme for my liking and obviously I would not vote for the chaos that are the Tory party.

In all honesty I might well not vote again – not through death! I do not see anything on the horizon worth looking forward to, a new party perhaps? I voted to leave the EU as I have wanted out since 1984 and would still vote leave, the writing on that bus did not make any difference to my thoughts. As for the BBC phew, It is still my favourite channel but the biased news programs against Brexit are amazing. The amount of “bull” they give Donald Trump is unreal and Diane Abbott thinks she has it bad, I can not vote for Labour while she is also on the front bench even though she has had health issues.

A strong leader is required and I can not see one arriving anytime soon in this Political Correctness world we are ever more living in, especially the United Kingdom.

Politics, I’m done with but will still view various news…


My Tweets…

For some reason I feel the need to say erm… I believe in freedom of speech – providing no hatred or violence gets involved. Numerous posts could be done on here daily, on here isn’t twitter. Like a very many I’m getting fed up of thinking will this post upset so and so. From this point on I’ve already typed and deleted how best to say; if I upset you it isn’t personal.

I did, did I…

I did things that were wrong.
I did those with total regret.
I did things as shown.
I did things for a bet.

I did things I knew were wrong.
I did things I thought were right.
I did things through experience.
I did those without a fight

I did things.

As I get older forever beating him up.
As he gets older I realise now.
As I get older he would love to change.
As he gets older and thinking how.

His life cant be changed its how it is?
His life knows what he really should.
His life simply wants to say sorry.
His life has been bonkers with some good.

Sorry to who.
Just the two.