Reasons to vote Labour

This is not mine but allowed to share. Haven’t a clue how to do long posts on Twitter so this is my next best way…

“Imagine it. Just imagine it for one moment. Imagine if we had a decent, honourable man as Prime Minister. A man who does not want to take us to war, inflicting horror and misery on tens of thousands of innocent people, just because we want the US Government to pat us on the head and say ‘Yes, we have a special relationship’.
A man who wants to do his best to help the most vulnerable in our society.
A man who is not interested in making money out of his position.
A man who really does believe in helping the many, not the few. A man who has spent his entire adult life fighting for the rights of people who are in a hopeless situation.
He did this for decades, with little or no coverage from the media for his efforts. He did this because he knew it was the right thing to do.
A man who tried to bring peace to Northern Ireland, knowing he would be pilloried for doing this. He wanted to stop the killing, so he thought being pilloried was worth it if this meant an end to the murders.
Despite what the media tell you, he condemned all terrorist atrocities in Northern Ireland. He condemned the IRA. He condemned the Loyalists.
And for the last two years, just about every single newspaper has told people that this man is ‘Dangerous’. And the BBC and Sky News have repeated this nonsense.
He is a man of peace. You can have this man, Jeremy Corbyn, as your Prime Minister.
But he will only become our Prime Minister if you refuse to believe the horrible negative stuff that has been written about him by those who want to keep their hold on power.
Vote Labour.”

Superbly put Tony.

How are Britains nukes independent

This question has been knocked around for years and years and I’ve tried explaining it a few times over the years but, maybe folk’s just do not want to hear the real truth?

I mentioned similar earlier; Think of this. The US of A get blown to bits, all the communications have gone. The UK has one fully loaded sub out there, another to launch imminently, two in dry dock for repairs and maintenance but, we can do nothing as the US of A has all the codes? Anyway, it’s just, as an ex service ‘person’ (always pissed) we did a very many exercises within this scenario. What more do I say, The Trident missiles are manufactured in the states, the warhead has British technology and are independent to be used by the British government in a use which would ultimately be M.A.D. (luck it up).

Thankfully they will never be used…

Please folk’s, stop saying the United Kingdom needs the US of A to press that non existent button – fucking hell.

What is an extreme political party person?

This type of fascist person is someone who appears to have very open views? They will try to start by brainwashing folks – mainly the insecure ones. They will try to convince them that their views they hand out are open minded telling you to slate anyone who thinks differently to your opinion.

Usually they are the first to use discrimination as a form of defence. This old fashioned out of date left middle right ‘wing’ type of person will not only aim at the insecure but those who might find themselves in some sort of minority or maybe craving attention. These 21st century fascists are so arrogant they will try to convince you it is others that are wrong because others do not agree with their ideology. Their pretence is well camouflaged and will make you think they are caring, yes they are, but only for themselves…

Maybe now, the time is arriving when the people should be understanding that these selfish single minded fuckers need to fuck right off.

Fascism is everywhere.
Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP

June the 8th

After the vermin terror attack in Manchester the political parties are going to continue voting campaigns – they have to do. I would like to have seen more condemnation from the hard left liberal lot but hey…

So, just to say that I will be voting Labour as I do. I do not like many of the current shadow leadership, I’m not a hard left liberal type, I’m a Labour supporter with many opinions on ‘our’ party. It is such a shame that not only is the Labour party divided more than ever but also the Labour party’s members and supporters, I’ve had friends fall out with me simply because I disagree with their Labour ideologies, many of those folks have not condemned the terrible attack on Monday night, OK as that is their choice, as are my opinions.

Politics are changing and most certainly many of the Labour party members and supporters need to understand this – if you want it all your own way without accepting others opinions, then you seriously are going down the fascist route – as is terrorism.

Which way should you vote?

I know, dammed tough one but it is my opinion. It’s a little like the two choices in the US of A, I’m not keen on both but Clinton appeared to be the most untrustworthy. So, June the 8th 2017 it is the UK’s time.

Being a Labour supporter I find myself at a cringing decision, I wont vote Tory and most certainly non of the others (but the Yorkshire Party sounds interesting?!). What is my problem? Well I certainly do not like many of the Labour leadership, especially Jeremy Corbyn and that Diane Abbott. He just doesn’t have that presence, the persona that is seriously needed to lead a party, especially in government and she is just dreadful as a leading (astounding isn’t it!) MP.

So how best to explain my vote for Labour in the general election on June the 8th 2017. I love Bradford City but do not agree with everything they do, I like Team Sky and certainly do not agree with everything they do, I’m a Labour supporter yet I’m really struggling with the leadership lot – they do make me cringe to vote for them.

The old left, middle and right are out of date, it needs some kind of organisation that will take everything on board, I’ve not called it a party but I believe a new one is on the horizon that just might represent me…

It must be realised that folks who want everything their own way are teetering on fascism and it seems like many of the Labour supporters are on this trip and do not seem to realise it? Challenge them and expect a slating coming your way.

Do not be a fascist of any type.

Who, what are the working class in the UK

A tricky one? The goal-posts always get moved by those in and out of power. I’m going to be quite conservative about this and say those on around or under £10/hour fall into the working classes. Through my opinion I will try explain this.

Various reports suggest the United Kingdoms average wage in 2017 is in the region of £27k/year, that is huge and certainly not working class. I believe you can not put a working class wage into yearly, as most of those on low income will work as much overtime as possible. So lets say a round figure of the £10/hr.

Many self employed folks who employ others would ask who should pay this rate, yet those business owners would have five or six ‘flashy’ holidays a year, they would have three or four ‘posh’ meals a week, so, lets leave it at that. No, lets say they have one less brilliant expensive holiday per year, one less ‘everything you can eat’ meal out a week, also the obvious other things that being wealthy brings? and share it with the small work force.

The working class certainly are not those who moan and complain they are struggling yet can have some of the finest materialistic personal and home items, pointless trying to mention everything but they have all the top technology items, more than one Suburban Utility Vehicle, far larger home than they need, having more than one – any type of home! So much more that I’m sure most of you will recognise someone like this yourselves.

Who, what are the working class of the UK. yes it certainly is a tricky one but I would say no political party truly represents those working class folks. June the 8th 2017 has caused alot of conflict between friends, the conflict is usually within my party, the Labour party I support, but it has lost its way. Those who work in the public sector on lets say at least the given average wage of £27k/year, you most certainly are not working class, this also goes for the private sector but it seems to be the public sector lot on very nice packages that complain the most.

Just a little example, those junior doctors strikes, they always seemed to be smiling while doing the strikes…
Doc strike

While many miners were…


Welsh Office, Cardiff - 30 July 1984. Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted  from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay (which was not being paid).

Welsh Office, Cardiff – 30 July 1984.
Women and children demonstrating against £15 being deducted from striking miners’ benefit in lieu of strike pay
(which was not being paid).

No one represents the working classes anymore. We have the pretend poor living in the poverty of their own comfortable bubble.


A huge drop

So it’s Monday 22nd of May 2017 and I’ve reduced the Prednisolone to 4mg/day, lowest in years! Last time I got down to this dosage I started being stupidly ill again, body packed in, lungs looked like tree roots, so here we go arrggghhhh…


How to eliminate the UK debt

This is really easy!

Stop all conflict between parties, allow the £zillionaires to have two years to clear this mess, this will not cause that much of a dent in their wealth. After the two years the slate is clean, then, this is when the £zillionaires get their say, never borrow again and use what you have. The national tax funds per tax year is nearing one £trillion, therefore it needs a mixed panel? of folks to keep a check on government spending, this panel would be far better than the hideous House of Lords twats.

Simple, especially with the likes of the following…



It is about seven years ago.

Yes back in May 2010 I started having stupid bouts of illness.

In November 2009 I achieved getting on at Airedale Hospital as a healthcare support worker. I had started having training for the next level – senior as I was pretty good and had a manufacturing background. Because of my background and experience in improvements the management were very keen. It is work smarter not harder for those who can’t or don’t want to understand – unfortunately at that time many of the nursing staff didn’t want to or couldn’t understand this philosophy. I did witness lots of pointless waste, it just needed education. Airedale took me on board as part of the lean and improvements team, not cost cutting team.

Something that I was really looking forward to, I had started helping the mental health team with a potential permanent move on the table, they would easily have got 20 years out of me…

Anyway = Sarcoidosis started.

Perhaps I should do more?

On this site. I mean, when I do post so much has ended up about my Sarcoidosis and the shit that goes with it. Perhaps I should try getting back to doing more music, more writing, more cooking, more nonsense, more of the less and simply just more?!

Any way the sarcoid update, yesterday I had four x-rays on my spine, last week was to the hospital maxillo facial check up, between two and six more teeth need to come out, jaw/facial bones are somewhat a mess. Advised trying to drop the Prednisolone to 2.5mg/day from the 7 after the maximum of 40mg/day (I was was fucked), currently on 5 and do get the warm chicken feeling!

So much else it has confused the shit out of that ‘matter’ that bounces in my head. A few photos that give a little more of the current progress – is it?

Sarcoid to date


This is some advice that has been mentioned but, these supplements are they only ones we know that can actually be damaging for those with Sarcoidosis.

Bones 1

Then this booklet which is mainly for older folks than myself!

Bones 2

Something relaxing…

Watchful paranoia watching me.