I couldn’t find this at the local, it’s here…

It’s like, someone started a ‘chat’ about the European ‘Union’ Elections. I tried explaining that, for the first time I voted in the UK local elections (destroying my vote, counted still, whatever that’s called).

The For Britain party did very well in the local elections (I joined months ago), anyways. I tried explaining in my order of voting to the EU elections are: For Britain, then UKIP and then the Brexit party. All are ‘leave’

So, I tried explaining the For Britain Party will not be standing for every EU seat in the UK (I stand to be corrected)- but have a manifesto. I tried explaining that UKIP are – with a manifesto, standing for all areas (I stand to be corrected). I tried explaining that the Brexit party do not have membership but subscribers, standing in areas but with a very limited manifesto (I stand to be corrected). All are leave the European Union parties.

Sorry, it’s all facts and I really shouldn’t get involved. If I thought I were wrong then I would hold my hands up, I can only chat facts. though enjoy being corrected!

Fucking annoying really, oh to be a fibber.


Tommy Robinson MEP, ha ha…

Yes please!

Little me, gets restricted on social media for commenting and sharing what I believe in – freedom of speech without hatred to violence, yes the elitist fascist extreme leftism’s MSM do try banning anything to the right of them. That goes for all the mainstream LibLabCon & other current HoC fuckwit parties.

After being a lifelong Labour supporter I can never do this again. The United Kingdom needs massive change. I joined the For Britain party, however, in order after For Britain I will vote UKIP, The Brexit Party, or spoil my vote with ‘Fuck You’ because it’s about time the working classes fully assembled up. Whoever might stumble upon this, do please vote against the establishment of how they rule ya…

What a voice, Kelly Day.

Do share. Peace.

People Get Ready…

Trouble is arriving.

It’s like, imagine after Cameron resigns and a true brexiteer takes over. Imagine then article 50 gets triggered straight away. Then imagine if this imaginary ‘leader’ told the European Union the United Kingdom will be leaving within the two year time frame on the WTO terms. Imagine that leader then calling upon all the UK businesses etc. to plan on that directive.

Imagine eh, we don’t need to imagine the soft fuckers that actually took over, jeez.


The Day After, Leaving the European Union.

And so, the day after, means the clock went forward (in the UK), to fuck all.

For quite sometime, I did actually post erm, posts that pretty much had abit of a laugh. Obviously I’ve started again but mainly not as a laugh. I feel sure the English to Grammar fuckwit police will be out in force, mainly called ‘Remoaners’ of ‘Remain’

So, I’ve viewed both marches, you know, the peoples vote thing and the Leave means Leave stage, plus the UKIP and Tommy Robinson stage.

What I found pretty odd. When the peoples vote march thing happened, it was very easy to view on-line. When the leave means leave and UKIP TM were broadcasting, hey, guess what, they kept getting shut down. Fuck off {per John Sweeney) stating that’s the working classes way of saying go away.

I get lost even more. The main leave voters are from the working class, the working class have very little disposable income. We can not afford to get to huge erm, as the MSM stated ‘demonstrations’ in London, (Jon Snow, he did say so much shit), arrggghhhh, hmmm. It is continually mentioned the peoples march thing, that it had over 1m folks. From the experts to the met police, they have stated it was no more than 200k. That twat Donald Tusk needs to shut the fuck up, oh, his very nice salary comes from the E.U.

Nice one.

Annoyed, you bet…

So, ‘us’ leavers can get to the voting box thing and my word, it will happen – again, the traitorous fuckwits within that stupid house of commons, you fuckers will be out, you really do not know how ‘we’ feel about your comfortable bubble.

‘We’ hope the leave classes vote out the traitors, those lining pockets for themselves, I guarantee they will be going mental on expenses before being voted out.

Oh, demonstrations, the leave folks cleaned up, the remain fuckers left a mess, especially on war memorials.

All facts.




I did Serve…

Well, so much shit going on regarding Brexit. It’s like, why are folks so scared, you know, the remoaners of the remainer drabs, it’s proper odd. Why are you lot scared of leaving the European Union? So, it’s like, us who voted leave the EU are very nice and polite. If the referendum went to remain in the EU then fine, the battle would carry on but fucking hell, the stay in the EU lots are nasty, a very personal lot, shhh…

Hello, is it me you’re…


Not Their Real Name.

It’s quite surprising that the MSM are constantly reminding folks that Tommy Robinson isn’t his real name, it comes as a shock every time. So I just thought I would find out some others that they might want to remind us of when reporting on them…

Freddie Mercury.
Bob Dylan.
Helen Mirren.
Katy Perry.
David Bowie.
Jamie Foxx.
Elton John.
Sophia Loren.
Michael Caine.
Meg Ryan.
Bruno Mars.
Jane Seymour.
Lady Gaga.
Prince Harry.
Demi Moore.
Whoopi Goldberg.
Alicia Keys.
Charlie Sheene.
Tina Turner.

The absolutely perfect…

Marilyn Monroe.

Oh, just about any porn star, erm.

That’s not my name, brilliant song by The Ting Tings…


Bit of an answer to knife crime.

Bring in full stop & search. A proper minimal 10 year sentence for carrying any dangerous weapon. A proper life sentence of 25 years for any usage of a dangerous weapon.

Suspend immigration & balance the population at about 65 million for the & allow public services to catch up. I think that should be quite simple. Ah, too simple.

Oh socialism eh, I’m no longer a member of them.

The UK Labour party, that Tom Watson twat & Corbyn & McDonnell, then they have maths Abbott, that historian Lammy and the hedgehog names go on. We know Facebook & Twitter & YouTube… We know they are controlled by some hardcore fascist far left nut jobs.

‘Socialist’ I define from the word ‘social; meaning in the main ‘social equity’. A Socialist is one who serves the common good without giving up his individuality or personality or the product of his personal efficiency.

Work it out.

It’s also obvious why ‘May called the general election of 2017, she knew it’s all going to be a remain fuck up for brexit (a leave leader was required), so, three years after ‘we’ leave she hopes everyone has calmed down for the next election…

Cunt, not a chance…



Kelly Day – How they rule ya.

Until the 23rd February 2019 I had never heard of this lady and what a superb passionate voice I heard…

The Hits Drop…

Not so long ago, hits to my site were approaching 15k per month. Now, it’s down to about 500 and dropping. The main point in time when this reduction started was when I started posting more about politics and my view to everything.

I know what is going on. My opinions and views do not fit the narrative of the tech giants, especially those of the extreme elitism of the fascist far left. This is happening all over in the western world, it really does feel quite odd.

Anyways, I will carry on (since my site started it has ‘disappeared’ twice!} and I expect it to do so again, due to my opinions on what the fuck is going on? Perhaps it is because I quote the likes of Tommy Robinson, I mean jeez, the BBC needs bringing down, as do the other fake news of the MSM…

Keep it up.