My Political Stance

So, after a few weeks of trying to explain my views on politics. Finally this sketch is actually the simplest way to view my political stance!


My School Years.

I’ve recently been trying to remember my teachers names but, I’m not sure on a few? Here I try!

Woodend Little School.

1969 – 1970 Mrs Capstick
1970 – 1971 Mrs Graham?

Windhill Church School.

1971 – 1972 Mrs Allan

Windhill C of E First School.

1972 – 1973 Mr Riley. Extra lessons Mrs Allan.

Wycliffe Middle School.

1973 – 1974 Mrs Bennett?
1974 – 1975 Mrs Whitaker (ever so sorry I was difficult), extra lessons Mr Lindley.
1975 – 1976 Mr Froud, extra lessons Mr Lindley.
1976 – 1977 Mrs ?

Nab Wood Grammar School.

1977 – 1980 Mr Davidson.

I hardly attended the last year or so. Left aged 15. I didn’t enjoy school at all, lots went on, you can read the bullying here.

Tommy Robinson – Clearing up an Opinion.

Aka – Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon…

Right, that’s the name sorted! You see, because of my opinion’s on so many front’s it has recently been mentioned I’m possibly into fascism. Well, I follow all sorts of folks and their opinions. One thing I find very amusing, when challenged some folks do not realise fascism was originally a Leftism ideology concern.

Where were we? Ah yes, fascism. Fascism is making a slow return to the left, the Owen Jones type’s, they are targeting those who mainly do not understand it, it is harming my beloved Labour party, but that’s still another damming story.

Tommy Robinson was reporting outside Leeds Crown court on the verdicts to a grooming gang of paedophiles (the trial had finished), oh and this link is amazingly from the BBC here…

Go on, have a watch of the following video, I watched it then, through curiosity, go on…

Eh up, maybe you did watch the clip, well, a lengthy clip! Now then, obviously and at he end of the video, he got arrested. it’s now known within a few hours he was in prison to 13 months – why can they not do this with paedophiles?

If you have got this far, why not view another lengthy video of Tommy Robinson question and answers at the Oxford Union event, I dare you, listen to the hostile audience change through the “interview” and by the end the cheering, go on, don’t be a bigot and have a watch before judging…

My word have you done well! Hang on, Tommy Robinson discriminates against the community of the LGBTQ rsuvwxyz – pun! Yet again have you actually viewed another video of him interviewing transgender journalist Zuzanna Mroz, you see, the bigoted hardcore fascist left will ignore this, but if you have got this far then a massive thanks, please watch the interview…

That is a great interview.

You see, I am not a fascist, certainly not a bigot. I do not hate many things in life but fascism is certainly at the top of the short list as are bigots. I do believe in freedom of opinion as in speech, providing no hatred or harm is intended to anyone.

If you got this far, then you probably agree with me?

I just zig-zag down the middle which is breast.

Fuck knows.

A Statement of Intent.

Me, myself and I are deciding on a few things.

This year of 2018 a few things have been quite helpful and good, mainly through meeting new people. Not everyone can be pleased, not everyone can be friends but this year seems to have seen parts of my health at least get stable. It’s being said that this could be due to introducing ‘us’ to my new friends.

The statement is simple, various things in life can make me quite anxious, this anxiety is harmful not only to my mental health but it can also cause the Sarcoidosis to kick in. Therefore and within reason, anything that causes this anxiousness will either be given time out or blocked out from my life.


Bigotry and Fascism

I have known the meanings for a very lot of years, yet sometimes it still needs clearing up…

Bigotry; Is intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

Fascism; Is a form of radical authoritarian ultra-nationalism, characterised by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

Both are making a huge comeback, particularly on the extreme left. I hate this left right wing shit, keep me on the middle breast with my opinions, without hate.

Churchill-first-V-sign - BLIP



I pay that licence fee yet might well stop. You know, paying for something that is hoped to be zig zagging up the middle. Got it, yet?!

The BBC has turned into this thing, it’s shit reporting, it constantly reports things like erm anti Brexit, anti Trump, anti middle of the road, pretty much anything anti-ish right, It’s beginning to be absolute shite.

The only BBC person I feel to zig zag through the middle is Andrew Neil, the rest are twats, oh, hang on. The BBC’S non political programs are full of politics to take the piss out of Trump, Brexit is a disaster for all, you know as to what I’m saying, ah, it’s so annoying…

For fucks shite, why can’t you, the BBC, do genuine political reporting, no politics in Graham Norton for example, it’s Trump or Brexit every week you twat.

I’m almost done with the BBC, it’s easy to work out how not to pay the licence as about three million have done.

The BBC is my favourite channel but the huge stride being taking to the hardcore left is getting to be utter drivel.

Your programs are doing my head in, fucks sake…

Originally on the left, Stuart Briggs.



Low River Dry Grass

Couple of local photos here…

The most fluctuating river in England is the Wharfe. Look closely and old fence posts can be seen dropped into the river. Would love to know how old they are.


This is in Low Mill Lane, it’s the old rectory, you can see here the patterns in the grass, what on earth could they be? Very odd but must have some history.IMG_20180718_124617


I’m pleased with this Oukitel U11 phone, thanks Stu!

Been Caught on Webcam?

Yesterday I received email from someone named Russel Dowling [email protected]

“I’m going to cut to the chase. I’m aware “……..” is your password. Moreover, I am aware about your secret and I’ve proof of your secret. You do not know me personally and nobody paid me to examine you.

It’s just your bad luck that I stumbled across your blunder. Well, I installed a malware on the adult vids (porno) and you visited this website to experience fun (you know what I mean). When you were watching videos, your browser started out working as a Rdp (Remote desktop) that has a key logger which gave me accessibility to your display screen as well as web camera. After that, my software obtained every one of your contacts from your fb, and email.

I then put in much more time than I probably should have exploring into your life and made a double display video. First part displays the video you had been viewing and other part displays the recording of your web camera (its you doing dirty things).

Frankly, I am willing to forget details about you and allow you to continue with your life. And I am about to present you two options which will achieve that. These two options are with the idea to ignore this letter, or just pay me $ 2900. Let us investigate above 2 options in details.

Option 1 is to ignore this mail. Let us see what will happen if you pick this path. I will definitely send out your video recording to all your contacts including close relatives, colleagues, etc. It doesn’t save you from the humiliation your family will face when relatives and buddies find out your unpleasant videos from me.

Option 2 is to send me $ 2900. We’ll name this my “confidentiality tip”. Now let me tell you what will happen if you choose this choice. Your secret will remain your secret. I will destroy the recording immediately. You go on with your daily life like nothing ever occurred.

At this point you must be thinking, “I should call the cops”. Without a doubt, I’ve covered my steps in order that this email can’t be linked time for me and it will not stop the evidence from destroying your life. I am not seeking to dig a hole in your pocket. I just want to get paid for time I put into investigating you. Let’s hope you have chosen to generate all this disappear completely and pay me my confidentiality fee. You will make the payment by Bitcoin (if you don’t know this, type “how to buy bitcoins” on google search)

Amount to be sent: $ 2900
Bitcoin Address to Send to: 17evj6D2chJCzM5aopd2XBVDF2ykVn6mFG
(It is case sensitive, so copy and paste it)

Tell no-one what will you be sending the bitcoin for or they may not offer it to you. The task to acquire bitcoin usually takes a day or two so do not put it off.
I’ve a unique pixel in this email, and at this moment I know that you’ve read through this e-mail. You now have two days to make the payment. If I don’t receive the BitCoin, I definitely will send your video to your contacts including family members, co-workers, and so forth. You better come up with an excuse for friends and family before they find out. Having said that, if I receive the payment, I’ll erase the video and all other proofs immediately. It’s a non-negotiable one time offer, thus kindly do not waste my time & yours. Time is running out.”

So, it seems a video of spotted dick might be going out, it might even go viral!

Seriously, I reported it to the police, if folks sit there recording others then that is pretty dire, frankly I don’t actually care, I’ve done alot of mad and weird stuff in life and this is nothing.

My reply was simply “I don’t give a flying fuck, fuck you asshole”

No Right Turn…

Though I’m not a fully fledged Addingham local, I learn that on various days, mainly a warm one, through traffic can be non-stop convoy like, especially early evening. A few week ago vehicles drove by and eggs were thrown.

Anyway, is it about time traffic was sent fully via the bypass, as it was designed for. You know, access and visitors only sort of thing.

Well, I noticed this at the junction by the Crown, a hand sprayed arrow stating no right turn, someone is thinking that of the same…


On my new phone!

Yeah, I can blog from my phone! At last I can try using my site as ‘proper’ on-the-go blogging.

Photo try…