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Wembley, Capital one league cup final 2013

Finally got my article wrote, what a fantastic reminder of a brilliant day out, Bradford City and Swansea City, a credit to football.

The full article is here.

Bradford City 3:1 Aston Villa

Wow, what an amazing game, ok I weren’t there but watched the text rapidly drop down my screen! Bradford City have played three English premiership sides in this cup run so far this season and won them all, they are only a few seasons away from getting back up there.

I reckon a Wembley visit is starting to look very real!!!

City hammer Aston Villa…

That went quick

2012 woah, where did it go? all in all it was a great year for me, yet I certainly am glad the festive season is all but over. This is the most content I have felt, pretty much since 2002, yet at certain times of the year a gap is in place. Last night it felt good to be in bed at 8pm, its been a busy couple of week and I needed a huge sleep.

Yes it was new years eve, but how missing that nice somebody to either be with, or be able to phone on the midnight hour stroke, I missed big time, where is she, how is she? though I did get a call and text on the dot, thanks to my Jacob and Matt, love you both tons.

As the earlier poem says, the journey of something does carry on, no plans, just allow the carpet to keep on rolling out and not tread too lightly, 2013 could be the best yet…

Bradford City march on

Bradford are superbly through to the semis, in a very typical form of penalties;

C’mon City!

Massive challenge to get my lads Jacob and Matthew to that semi-final, absolutely, not there tonight but must be at the last four!!! I can not sell my Les Paul, erm, it is soon to be refurbished but must get to the semi, Citeee…

Leeds station in the early morning

I have never seen so few folks in Leeds train station, that everyday hustle to get through the ticketing to walking through an open gate…

Can you hear that?!

I think it were on platform 3b, its a little on the blurred side of things, my memory was failing big time by then…

My decision to get the last train home from the works party was a huge failure, so I got the first train back in the morning, 6:02 and shortly after this was taken the ticket conductor was rocking my shoulder in Ilkley station, finally got home 7:00 am, just in time to see my neighbour taking the dog out, thankfully I did not try talking…

It really is quite a decision but I must carry on defying the medics, erm, well sort of!

Sometime in the morning, my mind was drifting.
Sometime in the morning, I didn’t need lifting.
Sometime in the morning, standing up sleeping.
Sometime in the morning, times are not weeping.

Things are ok…

Saved from the river Wharfe floods – just!

It came so very close, but the river Wharfe stayed about a foot lower than was required for our ground floor flats to be flooded!

Here you can see just how brilliant these sandbags would have worked against that huge overflowing river Whatfe at Low Mill weir.

A little difficult to work out but you can see the ‘tide’ mark, another 6″ then it would have flowed through the sandbags onto the road.

The river deposited about 8″ of silt just before those sandbags at the gate, the silt would have done a better barricade the those there sandbags ha!

These sheep had a very lucky escape, from the river too…

Sleeping beauty from the Beeching era

The 1963 Beeching report suggested cutting back almost all the branch lines, about 5,000 miles of railway line and 2,363 stations, to keeping it short, he said all goods would eventually be transported by road, the short sightedness was that resulted in cluttered roads. Imagine how busy those branch lines would now be for commuters, although Sustrans are turning old lines into public ways, walking, cycling, horse riding, but they need to be maintained.

This sleeper probably has some real history behind it, its near the river Wharfe, possibly taken from the Ilkley to Skipton line after closure, the good news is that the now Embsay steam railway is hoping to extend from Bolton Abbey station to Addingham, but it would need to terminate before Addingham first school as that is now on the old route.


Most folks have heard about Blackpool but what about Morecambe? You can read some interesting facts about Morecambe, or as it was once known ‘Bradford by the sea.’ To enjoy this insight of all about then just click this link of Morecambe.

Poetry about wind and rain

A video poem all about the wind and rain, its out in the Wharfe Valley by the River. Maybe my accent plays a part of telling these times?

Bolton Abbey and the Strid Wood

A good little piece about this gorgeous spot in Yorkshire, UK. Some years ago myself, and sons Matt and Jacob had a visit in heavy rain to Bolton Abbey and the strid wood, click the link to view all about it.