That went quick

2012 woah, where did it go? all in all it was a great year for me, yet I certainly am glad the festive season is all but over. This is the most content I have felt, pretty much since 2002, yet at certain times of the year a gap is in place. Last night it felt good to be in bed at 8pm, its been a busy couple of week and I needed a huge sleep.

Yes it was new years eve, but how missing that nice somebody to either be with, or be able to phone on the midnight hour stroke, I missed big time, where is she, how is she? though I did get a call and text on the dot, thanks to my Jacob and Matt, love you both tons.

As the earlier poem says, the journey of something does carry on, no plans, just allow the carpet to keep on rolling out and not tread too lightly, 2013 could be the best yet…

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