Sarcoidosis the thing and all that

After nearly deleting ‘the thing’ page I decided not to, it might still offer folks some kind of sarcoidosis in-sight? Its almost two years since being diagnosed as a sarcoid, in that time I kept reasonably positive, yes sometimes I can write rubbish and harp on but its good for the soul? I was so hoping that in those two years I would have been one of the (95%ish) of sarcoids and it leave me, it hasn’t, its active and, well its all guess work now, about 12-ish in the whole Bradford district, so say the consultants.

It used to bother me when folks say I should be thankful its not cancer, sarcoid is a relative to cancer, it needs the same type of treatments, it is degenerative, its active and really bothers my eyes and lungs, and my mind, oh but that’s normal! the only difference in sarcoidosis and cancer are the names, that is it, illness is not a competition.

Im still taking on the Atos assessment that I failed on 2nd June 2011, the Employment and Support Allowance ‘system’ is wrong and corrupt, with my case now at the higher courts in London, but, my determination to get a job (probably through Leeds Remploy) is now a priority, I then need a car to carry out my gig/band direction. My third passion of cycling is much harder than I let on, yes third passion cycling!

Onward, sideways, zigzagging, but like the morning sun, heading in the right direction of upwards.

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