How to open a tin of corn beef meat when the key is missing!

Do you ever get home from shopping, and sometimes you forget to check all the food in-store before placing it in your basket or trolley? You guessed it, I came to making a delightful corn beef hash (instructions eventually!) but at this important time to open the tin, arrggghhhh,

The key was missing, but not to panic, this is how I overcame a potential hair raising problem.

Now, very calmly get your tools out, the mechanical hand tools obviously that’s what I meant silly! using long nosed pliers carefully grab that bit of metal where the key should have been, and then gently wind it around the tin.

Once you have got back to the start then give the pliers a good pulling to get them out of the tangled spring loaded metal strip, oh, you see the metal was wrapped really tight, so actually try removing them carefully or you will cut your fingers.

Upon successfully getting the long nosed pliers out give yourselves a nice pat on the back, and then return to cooking the hash, I can smell it from here, hmmm…

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