PC repairs cheap and easy

Its a first for me, for months my PC has been rattling and crashing, the decision was taken about ripping the sides off, and so I gently did screw them out, then the sides were still not moving, they actually had to slide after removing the screws!

What i discovered were a couple of trapped wires between the CPU fan and that other fan which is stuck to the side of the panel, hmmm, so I cleaned the dust out, give it a good blowing, ensured all the fan were free and replaced the panel, this time I ensured the wires were not trapped, I also used electrical tape around were they were trapped as some copper was showing!

After putting it all back together something very typical happened…

I have one screw left, work it all out the best I can, yet my engineering knowledge and qualifications meant nothing, I am now left with a screw and a PC that appears to work better than ever until??? Yes I cleaned the dust up silly.

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