Room with a view

What a nice view, hmmm, but with a little snow I feel sure our transport will grind to a halt claiming its the wrong salt, or is it the wrong type of snow?! thing is, I do have a very important appointment at St Lukes today, we need to know drug and direction, as it has been mentioned maybe different medication? kind of worried about it, especially after the last few weeks, last week I felt dreadful, well, unwell, well, unwell, jeez my body, at least working allows my mind to somewhat keep away from the sarcoid…


And after only 30 minutes…

I think it has been wise to cancel my appointment, they do chat with me on the phone so lets see, I can not take the risk of getting to hospital then getting stranded!

To be honest, it is the first winter as a one in ten sarcoid, and I am – thankfully – working, all will still be fine, the direction is good.

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