I’m back, PC has recovered after being well cared for

I believe I have had withdrawal symptoms, so much to write, hmmm, and quickly what to start with, that’s quite easy…

Just watching last weeks QT, jeez, they all have still missed the point. When employed at Airedale hospital the huge majority of ‘trained’ staff were hell bent on telling me how they had a ‘degree’ and that they only carried out ‘trained’ duties, yet they hadn’t a clue about the basics.

As I held a patients hand a nurse tried to close the patients eyes as she passed, that was so bad, its the tip of the iceberg to what I witnessed, I complained a few times and each time got taken into the office. Now my pc is no longer ill, I will breakdown all I witnessed at all levels, appalled, absolutely appalled, I decided not to keep in contact with anyone from that employment.

The article will not be aimed at all I worked with as a very few were very genuine, nice, caring and helpful, a very few is the wording, it must also be mentioned the article will not be aimed at all the NHS, last year they were brilliant for my Dad at the Leeds General Infirmary – the LGI, the article will be aimed at Airedale hospital.

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