Arrogant neighbours

I love where I am fortunate to live, but a few months ago number 13 upstairs were watering plants without a drip tray, yes the water, dirty water dribbled down my windows leaving a mess, it took me five times to go upstairs and get them to sort it, and so they hired a skip, threw the plants into it, and then they were decorating. Once the skip were removed then this;

It is a mess, its been reported to the housing association, they have forwarded my report to the management group, these folks appear reasonably ‘well off’ yet so messy and arrogant.

This is a super polite letter, these neighbours are ill, but so am I, from my experience’s most ill folks try even more to be clean and tidy, even respect others more, yet keeping very personal. I feel sure most who view this post would agree, we do not like to look out of our window at a mess, rant over!

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