Those Brufen – Retard meds seem to work

Tell you what, after starting the new meds on Friday evening, I felt ill Saturday and Sunday, thankfully this morning I was in a state to be able to commute to work, actually felt ok, mid morning I felt I could have run a marathon – erm, anyway, they worked well until about 15:46 and by 16:44 I started to feel like early signs of the flu – influenza.

So, come 17:30 I was ready for the off, took five minutes longer to walk to the station and thought I was going to pass out on the train, thankfully I got a seat, had to nip in the Coop for some bananas, Oxo cube and butter – no booze! Got to the bus stop in time, wobbled home, put fish into boiling water, then add sprouts and spinach, had that, then the meds and one hour later I am typing this and starting to feel o.k. Its just a little bit of a run down as to how the meds seem to work, hoping I do not need to double dose next week.

Today I also started some other stuff at work, well pleased, hope I can get to the end of the year without anymore time off and keep my paranoia under control!!! Its still a big thanks to Leeds Remploy and work, its simply my change in health and life over the past three years that is so frustrating. Apologies to those I insult.

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