The best profile for a dating agency

We, well, some of us have viewed the many advertisements that appear in dating agencies, like the lonely hearts and two’s company pages. Most ask for ‘Own House And Car’ which obviously is somewhat materialistic, ok for some but not the many? Today I wrote ‘Young looking dude, doesn’t own a car or home, skint, unhealthy, not desperate, would like to meet woman for marriage’ proper funny, only that I sent it to some work colleagues on the works internet, and then it went around the whole company ha. Mind you, some do not like it, but its only a little bit of fun, oh well…

… It reminds me from when I was in manufacturing management over in Burnley, we were owned by the French Snecma group. One of the managers loved to sing, abit on the Bing Crosby? style, I called Peter in his office and asked if he would give me a song, obviously he obliged. When he started singing I held my phone over the factory P.A. system, ha, what a laugh, he was singing to the whole factory! Mind you, I would say our team worked quite well, it could have got even better but, real life crashed in on me.

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