Jeremy Clarkson, you knob!

I posted this as a comment on someone else’s FB status, as mine didn’t seem to be working? Anyways, this #JeremyClarkson thing is getting blown out of all proportion, by some who just don’t like him. oh, my comment;

Coming from Bradford. Through my life I’ve witnessed a lot of ‘positive’ discrimination – I think that’s the term? It’s ok for one group of folks to do/say something, but wrong for another. I saw a lot of this in healthcare, oh, healthcare, I had to turn Panorama off, now that needs investigating. Clarkson, yeah what a knob but that’s what Top Gear is all about, three blokes, mad on cars, and they are ‘cocks’ oh, that word, best watch what I say, some folks will get upset.

In my honest opinion; media, society, folks, who and whatever, the UK is going bonkers, yet other massive issues are out there. Foodbanks is a big issue with me, as are the homeless. Both very close to me…

Turn the photo upside down, then think!

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