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On Tuesday, that conversation I mentioned I had yesterday. I was simply stating that (in my opinion) charity should start at home. Aid to nuclear countries should stop, aid to rogue countries should be ‘properly’ investigated. I have experience of needing charity help when the welfare decided not to help me. I did understand what that ‘geezer’ was saying – there is enough wealth in the world to sort hunger etc. but come on, that will never happen?

In the United Kingdom what should happen is to stop hunger, homelessness, bedroom tax, discrimination… more help and equal rights for the none resident or ‘absent’ parent (most are not absent, the system makes them absent, just as the resident parent – usually ‘mother’ can), you get my drift. For me that is where charity starts, at home.

This geezer told me I have pretty much been taken for some kind of ride, by the Tories (I forget his exact phrasing), me, fucking hell! He said my ears would burn in an open meeting! Amongst other things he was indirectly insulting my experience. I believe his ears would bleed, in an open meeting from those who are supported by the like’s of Ssafa, The Royal British Legion and shelter. especially ex forces folks.

Hence I had to be direct in calling him a tosser and then – deservedly, a Wanker. He is the only person to have blocked me on social media.

I did call him something else, but now calm he is simply a twat!

My friend here understands me better!

Duck almost ready

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