It needs more…

Well, I do enjoy my doctor, we have a laugh. It seem’s he is possibly going to try and get other medics involved, even private one’s? For nine out of 10 sarcoids this systematic, frustrating, debilitating – and super important, depressing disease, well, for nine out of 10 it is self limiting and will leave on it’s own without any medication. For the rest of us – one in 10, about one in 100,000 folks (in the UK), this slowly get’s worse.

Research will not be at the top of any government and pharmaceutical company’s list as the return’s would not be worth it. So they carry on playing with us. One thing, so many tell us to keep our chin up, stay positive, be optimistic, etc. etc. Since June 2010 I have tried, it’s fucking difficult.

Slowly, but surely, it sticks nails into us…

Bleeding foot

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