Sarcoid Stuart Briggs has got a job

Getting employment with sarcoidosis, yes absolutely we can! the journey has been difficult and a long two and a half years, the challenge is huge, after being told I had dropped into the one in 10 of sarcoids my heart fell out with me, but to keep on pushing. I have a huge thanks to give Sue and also Sam, you see sometimes folks can and do help.

Working and having my sarcoid is going to be a massive challenge, im up for it… No stopping this ‘geezer’ im certainly not intending on parking my body and getting all washed up, not a chance, will keep on pushing sarcoid in all directions.

With support we can re-direct the force of nature, much can be washed away but like that there greenery, it can always grow back.

More on this later as its worthy of a longer article.

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