Countries Systematic Ass’s;

During 2008 I had a 6 month Temp contract at AETC ltd in Yeadon, it was shift work (yes shifts, I changed shifts, booked hols and unfortunately had sick days to ensure I could have my boys), I also sorted it with the X wife so more flexible time was used which amazingly she did!!!

My basic rate was £377.27 a week the shift rate varied depending on which shift but the late shift premium was £32.26

Total gross income (overtime was not guaranteed) £409.53

My Net income was about     £305.00/week        Monthly  about £1,325.00

Bills monthly about:

Mortgage                                                        £431.00
Loan                                                              £100.00
Council tax (I was behind)                           £125.00
Gas (on card as I was behind)                     £100.00
Electricity (key as I was behind)                  £50.00
Water (on meter and behind)                        £17.00
House/car ins                                                   £85.00
Rac cover                                                        £10.00
Petrol                                                              £80.00
Car tax                                                            £15.00
TV lic                                                              £10.00
Phone, Tv, internet                                          £80.00
Food                                                              £125.00

Total                                £1,228.00

This does not take into account my home and car maintenance costs, also other costs like owing for over payment from JSA..

Total net left per month                                  £97.00

The CSA asked for  40% of net                       £398.97

Whats left                                                         -£301.97

That’s a whopping  minus figure of     £69.68 a week, yes I worked the non-guaranteed overtime when  possible but I was constantly loosing…

How can they asses this when I have no money…

Read on…

From the start of the CSA involvement the usual contact has been:

Every other weekend         26 weekends x 3 nights         = 78 nights
Every Wednesday night                                              = 52 nights
Feb half term                                                            = 2   nights
Easter                                                                     = 4   nights
Spring bank                                                              = 2   nights
Summer                                                                   = 7   nights
October half term                                                      = 2   nights
Christmas and new year                                             = 4   nights

Total…                        151 nights.

151 nights divided by 52 weeks is 2.9038 (not 2,5 as the CSA seem to think?) nights per week=fact, no ifs and no buts…

Obviously some days are changed to suite: illness, some days can be missed and some extra days are added.
On occasions when I have made arrangements at very late notice the ’X’ has changed arrangements without letting me know, this can be proved through contacting my network to supply me with the texts that have in the past been sent.

The earlier calculation (start of this chapther) from last year is completely bizarre how they can leave me with a minus figure of almost £70/week.
Over the last few years the CSA have not believed the nights I have mentioned, no I don’t keep a diary as I feel being my boys ‘dad’ why should I?

What has been stated is the complete truth.

The following is part of a finding by the CAB;

Many of the people who seek advice from Citizens Advice Bureaux have been left in vulnerable situations because of the failure of the Child Support Agency over thirteen years to deliver a proper service.  In the past year, non-resident parents have found themselves faced with bills for huge amounts of arrears and demands for payment even when they have supplied all the information asked of them and have co-operated with the Agency

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