Whose Life?

Her.                         “What THE FUCK do you think I’m going to do NOW?! This is just so                                                 unfair; you haven’t even mentioned my hair.”

Him.                        “It’s nice…? You will be ok love, I’m sure.”

Her.                         “IT’S NICE! Huh, You just can’t do this to me. You’ve put no thought into it at all, and as per usual, you’ve been SO fucking selfish about it!

Him.                        “Look, love, I really didn’t mean it to be like this. It’s just…”

Her.                         “Don’t it’s just… to me, you should have told me earlier.”

Him.                        “Earlier? We have only just found out.”

Her.                         “I mean, how the hell am I going to carry on?! All the times I have been out and enjoyed new clothes, new clothes to go round the hair dressers. I don’t want to be like all the others.”

Him.                        “Love, I’m sure you will manage, we managed when times were really tough. All those long hours I worked and we got there.”

Her.                         “Yes, all those long hours when you should have been at home sorting the house and garden.”

Him.                        “I know that, but I just wanted you to be happy and have all the things you wanted.”

Her.                         “In the meantime you let the garden turn into a mess, the rooms needed painting and…”

Him.                        “And I did as many hours as possible. If you had a job… Maybe you could have helped?”

Her.                         “HELPED?! WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN BY THAT?!!”

Him.                        “Sorry, love, I didn’t mean that to hurt you.”

Her.                         “You’re hurting me enough with dropping this bombshell on me, with no notice at all. I mean, you should have mentioned it earlier.”

Him.                        “Thing is love, I did ask, but you said you didn’t have the time.”

Her.                         “I didn’t have the time because I had a hair appointment. Beryl was going to be there, I needed her to see my new clothes.”

Him.                        “Yes, I can understand. I really could have done with a lift, but the bus journeys were ok.”

Her.                         “If you had worked more hours, then perhaps you could have got yourself A NEW FUCKING CAR! You know I can’t share mine as I need it to nip round to the shops.”

Him.                        “I managed ok on my bike, love; I didn’t mind cycling to work.”

Her.                         “What do you mean by you didn’t mind, You enjoyed it eh?”

Him.                        “Well, it’s….”

Her.                         “Well, it’s what?!”

Him.                        “Well, it’s like I said earlier. We have only just found out.”

Her.                         “Yes, I’ve only just found out that my life is now going to be one great big struggle. HOW THE FUCK AM I GOING TO COPE, EH?!!”

Him.                        “Look, love, try your best to stop shouting. We don’t want the neighbours to find out what’s happening.”

Her.                         “NEIGHBOURS…?!! I always told you I never liked living in this shit hole semi. I told you time AND TIME AGAIN TO GET US A NICE BIG DETACHED HOME!! But, oh no, you always said you couldn’t get a bigger mortgage. YOU HAVE ALWAYS GIVEN ME YOUR SHITTY EXCUSES AND…!”

Him.                        “Hang on, love, I tried to push for the biggest loan I could get, I only work in a factory, it just wasn’t enough. I just couldn’t do anymore for you.”

Her.                         “No, because you couldn’t be assed trying to better yourself. You should have gone to college and…”

Him.                        “But, love, I was working all the time.”

Her.                         “Yes and not half as hard as you should have done here in my house.”

Him.                        “Your house? Our house! Well, in fact, yes it’s going to be your house love. So again you mustn’t worry, you’ll be fine when I’ve gone.”

Her.                         “Will you stop calling ME love?!! You drop this news on me and expect me to feel sorry for you, when in fact my life is going to be one big struggle! Do you know, sometimes you really really PISS ME OFF with your constant selfish attitude!! It’s always about you.”

Him.                        “Thing is, love…”

Her.                         “SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH THE LOVE BIT!!”

Him.                        “Thing is, it really is about me this time; it has been really hard trying to work out how to break the news to you and…”

Her.                         “And not half as hard as my life is now going to be. You get back from the hospital and tell me this. I bet you sat there just nodding and didn’t ask what the next fucking step will be!!

Him.                        “But they aren’t anymore steps.”

Her.                         “They always say that in hospitals, but no NO! You never stand up to them. If I had been there, then it wouldn’t have come to this.”

Him.                        “You did have your chance to come.”

Her.                         “LOOK, I’VE TOLD YOU I WAS BUSY. You’re not even going to give me enough time to sort out how I’m best going to cope with all this.”

Him.                        “Look, love…”

Her.                         “DON’T LOOK LO!”

Him.                        “SHUT THE FUCK UP WOMAN!!! IT’S ME WHO HAS BEEN GIVEN THE NEWS NOT YOU!!!!!!”

Her.                         “I’m off to nip round the fucking shops! Waster…”




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