Can sarcoidosis cause death kill or be fatal

Can sarcoidosis kill you
Can sarcoidosis be fatal
Can sarcoidosis cause death
Can you die from sarcoidosis
How long can you live with sarcoidosis

In some sufferers sarcoidosis can progress to pulmonary fibrosis and death. About half of sufferers get well without treatment or with treatment recovery is usually within 12–36 months, most certainly within five years. Some cases stay present for several decades. The disease can become chronic or remit spontaneously, with worsening and remissions in cycles.

Most sarcoidosis sufferers can live a relatively normal life; those with an immunosuppressed system must play safe as possible to avoid infections while the steroid treatment is carried out. If sarcoidosis continues to becoming severe and chronic then life can become complicated though this is usually less then 10%. Continued research and studies are carried out at University College London.

My song titled ‘Sarcoid’ it is for all of us involved with this condition.

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  1. My brother died suddenly at the age of 52 from a sudden heart attack caused by Sarcoidosis. The medical profession failed to diagnose him for many years and by the time they did the damage was already done to his heart.

  2. I was formally diagnosed with sarcoidosis in 2009 during examinations for my asthma.

    The sarcoid has flared significantly in late 2013, starting with uveitis of the right eye and quickly spreading to the left eye in December 2013. It was then, through X-rays of my lungs, a lung CT scan and lung biopsy, that indeed, the sarcoid had spread to all of my lungs.

    I’m taking heavy doses of prednisolone that makes me more nauseous than I was, I am constantly tired and fatigued and cannot breathe easily. My heart rate is racing despite blood pressure tablets.

    In addition I have highly unstable asthma and I am prone to lung infections.

    What makes me angry is, I have never smoked in my life, never drank, never taken illicit drugs.

    My future is not good, I am deteriorating with every week. I have had lung infections already and it is not yet winter (Australia).

    The way I am right now, I am doubtful I will live much longer.

  3. hello my name is scott and i am 12 year old boy with sarcoidosis in my lungs and could be in my other organs and my sarcoidosis can not be cured but taimend so it dont sptreD thank you for reading :) hope you guys get well soon xx

  4. My beloved Ike, a Vietnam vet who was exposed to the metal used in making weapons, which has been linked to sarcoidosis, died from the disease. As a RN to vets, I have only word of mouth evidence, not a scientific study, but a whole lot of vets with no sarcoidosis in their families, seem to be getting sacoidosis, blacks with much grimmer outcomes than whites. More funding is required and studying of this awful disease needs to be done. It’s been around longer than Aids, and Aids gets more funding…. Keep on singin’, man!

  5. steve hetnandez

    Thanku for your song. I have really painful, debillitating sarcoidosis. Sucks but im not alone.

  6. Hello Stuart
    I live in South Africa and I have Sarcoidosis. Thanks for the informative website and videos about the disease.

  7. Thank You Stuart, I too battle this awful Dragon. It is nice thar someone takes the time to discuss this, and your music isn’t bad either :) . Keep up the good work !

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