I give up.

Well where do i start? but also to keep it short?! Since 2002, yes 5 years i know, well i’ve felt i’ve been in some kind of wilderness? This wilderness seems to have been based on wanting to meet my dream woman… you know, same interests as me inc; Walking, Cycling (erm though i’ve not been on my bike for some time!), Cooking (ok Martin i’m not as good as you but hmmm!? but…), Live music & other important ‘stuff’.

Yes i’ve met women but they inc; Rebounds, Want me 24/7, In a relationship (yes and not a chance), Said they over the ‘X’ and then run back to him (i did find that hard work), Ask way to many questions, Dont say how old they are and not give birthday away, But the worse one’s are those who say they will meet and then you never hear from them again=stood up! The list goes on.

Ok, i’ve no money, lifes sometimes a struggle, but what i do offer is much more than money (look around my site and see for yourself). Yes i think that woman doesn’t exist, if she does exist then she must also be ‘Hollywood’! Ha Ha.

Its time for the important things to be put in order; Me, My boys, Music, Work, True Friends and Wine! I wrote a song called ‘I cant give up’, its a great song but i’m now at this point… I give up and cant be arsed looking for her.

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