Things come in 3’s… but chased by a pig! & more.

Tell you, at the weekend; my car broke down big time, my mobile phone ‘crashed’ with my contacts in, and then my knee caved in…  car fixed, phone replaced, but my knee is knackered and is gonna kneed a scan, what a few days!

On Saturday though, me Jacob and Matthew went for a walk in Cottingley woods to go to the garden shop, when we got to the end of the path a mother pig and her piglets were stood in the way, I said ‘come on guys we be ok’?  But then the mother pig flapped her ears and she was off on the trot towards us at full speed! ha, Matthew was already on his way up the hill and i grabbed Jacob by the scruf and off we went… well we could hardley walk for laughing… amazing, finally been chased by a pig! Brilliant.

I’ve got 2 big photo albums to publish, Tons on my boys and stuff, plus wedding pics from my band’s (53/12) keyboard player big ‘G’.

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