I do need to say.

What do I need to say? I dont often comment about some ‘issues’ in my life but; I divorced my X wife in 2003, now for those dads who ended up going through the single dads system, you will understand and im afraid no-one else (inc X wifes) really will. The system helped me lose my way big time, its now time to start keeping back on track… anyways… The private gig on the 25th is a family ‘do’ I asked my X if I could take my boys… the answer was that she says we are a set of ‘Junkies’… yes all those cyclist I guess are on drugs ha… for anyone who knows us then you will know, in fact I dont even have to say…

Yes her answer was to say its best if my boys dont see me as much… some one needs to wake up and it certainly isn’t me, as my poem says- a future diamond will find me.

Rant finished!!!

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