It carries on.

I just recieved a letter today from ‘X’.  We know iv sent some strong messages due to the fact she threatened to involve my boys again.

It has arrived the thought that if I was really angry and abusive when I was being messed about then just maybe it would not have got to this?  But hey im too nice a fella to involve conflict.

She has handed all money issues completly to the CSA-40% they want, C’mon folks can any of you work out that it doesnt add up, How the F*** does that help me keep my house=it dont.

I hate the system, I hope my MP will help but I think he might just go along with the system… 7% of absent ‘Dads’ die.

How my life isnt, but as i keep saying iv got my health-defo not wealth…

A great christmas catch I must be.
Only 10 years to go then i be free.
Will i really reach 54…
Maybe but i’ll have nothing to show.-hey i feel a poem coming on lol.

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