Leeds Remploy

Hey, I have an appointment at Remploy in Leeds, its next week, this could be a brilliant chance to getting back into work, might only be a few hours per week. They do get quite a few vacancies through, the thing is too, employers seem to put trust in disabled people, that word ‘disabled’ jeez I never thought I would be using it, or actually have it.

And so the story continues, despite all the medics proving I was unfit for work on 2nd June 2011 Atos failed me, the benefits know im genuine and should not have been failed, my ESA appeal is now at the higher courts in London, Im quite sure what the answer will be but this time Atos have hugely got it wrong, I will up date later as I always wanted to get back into work, I just needed the support that was promised and then kicked out!

Just maybe the Leeds branch have more opportunities for employment?

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