Do you really want to work?

A very interesting article, Beveridge report: From ‘deserving poor’ to ‘scroungers’?

After experiencing an awful lot lately, a couple of things; ill or not we are thrown in the same bucket, how many times I saw folks hobble into a club/pub with a stick, have drinks then either forget which hand they originally used and/or forget the stick completely, yes I witnessed this many times.

Its a massive subject, I have been involved in conversations that simply say ‘why work when I get more on the dole’ iv heard much more. My doctors and consultants now class me as a one in ten sarcoid, its not a competition but its unofficially known 2/3 of folks who sign on have no intention of working. I have learnt how crap the benefits system can be, iv learnt that many who work there are very genuinely good folks, iv learnt that parts of the benefits system are very helpful, and iv learnt regardless of how ill they tell me I am I need to work, and thankfully I am.

It’s a cycle that is ever increasing, children are brought up in an environment with the single parent or both parents at home, tv with all the channels ever, full internet and on-line gaming, flash mobile phones, no interest in working, plenty of arguments, a possible volatile living, do you get my drift? and if that is all they know then potentially it will continue for generation after generation, give them the Jeremy Kyle lie detector…

Im quite sure the Beveridge report was genuinely about those who really did suffer the slums and such, once upon a time folks were really proud of the council house they got, they looked after it, the garden, the rooms, the neighbours – not always, as I can remember those who did not.

Yes, it goes without saying, many folks will never have the will to work, and even have a relative ‘ok’ living, is it the fault of them or is it the previous generations or simply the ‘system’

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