Oral hearing is arriving

Well, here it is, the hearing, I have one hour to explain why it is all wrong, the hearing is about if any law has been broke, no it has not but its wrong, I will work through my case hearing and then take it to the parliamentary ombudsman, I will succeed in getting sarcoidosis sufferers the recognition we deserve.

6th Feb 2011 was my initial assessment, its (my maths are not too bad) about two years to the date, and all im after is better sarcoidosis recognition, I think, I really think I’m capable of doing this, and what a great position to be in, that I have got a job through Remploy, I just wanted ‘proper’ support while we had to find out what my sarcoidosis was upto, thankfully Ssafa and the RBL helped me big time, no, the system did not fail me, it was Atos that caused the system to pretty much not believe me, even when the medics and local MPs wrote in my support. If you have nothing on then get on there.

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