Just had my Sainsbury’s monthly top up shop

I’m so tempted to say, and so I shall, not comparing the folks employed but, the Sainsbury’s delivery person – was a man but im being politically correct! oh yes, he was very friendly, the second delivery I have had that both were ever so chatty and likeable.

And so what am I ranting on about, they were more helpful and polite than others that have delivered, the reason I changed to Sainsbury’s are quite a few, but the eat by dates are very good, Tesco used to send with only a couple of days to cook and eat, and on many occasions it had gone off;

Hmmm. I must also say that, because I can currently afford to (this top up is £61.38), then a little of what I buy is supposed to help others? eventually I will buy local, been looking in some shops and yes, indeed.

Toward the end of this 2012 I have given all my old clothes to shelter, being able to purchase new has been amazing, I also give the £2 for a big issue, and sometimes not even take a copy. And so providing all goes well on my working front I will give anything back to those who helped and supported me, family, friends of new and old, and certainly Ssafa and the RBL…

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