A sarcoid is still fighting the Atos assesment and ESA

Got a very well wrote letter from the higher courts, at last they appear to have done some research on sarcoidosis, even mentioning some parallels to its cousin, cancer. As expected, I failed, but they seem to recognize its not straight forward, though they don’t mention the words ‘grey area’ I have another two options to take it forward, one could cost a few £’s…

Im so close to getting sarcoidosis more noticed, or maybe not? I need to breath for a few days and think about it all, the UK Biobank (three years ago, before I knew I had sarcoid, I was selected to take part), after recently re-contacting them, they want to do a minimum three hour test in Stockport, I could use this to run in parallel with my potential fight against the Atos assessments and the ESA?

In the space of a few months I went from being in the fittest and healthiest 3% of 40 – 69 year old’s to erm, not being too well at all!

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