A fine test in Leeds

Yesterday was a good day for many reasons, but quite importantly I worked (yes overtime!), followed by a great night out in Leeds straight after, from the very start it was amusing, I get on a completely empty train at Ilkley station in the morning, and some guy comes and sits next to me, erm, time to get off and go for a walk for me!

We were due to meet at ‘Spoons’ in Leeds train station, I ended up at the White Rose bar, woah, some characters in there, guess I fit in, but rushed out after realising I was in the wrong place! We called at a few bars, very good music, this town is lively, and we should have eaten at ‘Reds’ but it was full, ended up at Rib Shack in the Corn Exchange, I think?! fantastic food.

Im so happy ‘The wall of flames’ was not attempted, the staff were very courteous and allowed us to test the sauce first, jeez, that is the hottest sauce ever, even ice didn’t cool the mouth down, what fun seeing us six falling around the table with mouths on fire…

During the evening, well, a woman sits next to me “what do you do then” she asks, my reply “I like walking by the canal when its frozen over” what planet caused me to say that!? future wife material she was… but in the station when three of us are waiting for the taxi some guy walks up and says to me “do you have a big cock” then walks off, what the… ha ha.

Top night, first big night out with friends since returning to work and straight after working too, a good test on myself, and very happy with the result.

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